Do you have seen 10 karat fresh color pink diamond? Recently, Christie's announced that the “Magnificent Jewels "auction will be held in New York on April 12, it presenting weighing 10.09 carats of Fancy Vivid light purple diamond. This extraordinary diamond with the perfect pillow-shaped cuts, its expected transaction price is $ 12,000,000 to $ 15,000,000. Because the large pink diamond in the auction transaction price in 2010 was significantly soared, and encouraged the development of the global jewelry market. In the past 15 month’s auction records, the four pink colored diamond transaction prices is up to $ 1,000,000 per carat. In Christie's Hong Kong auction in December 2009, one weighing 5 carat pillow-shaped pink diamond ring -- “The Vivid the Pink” is reach a deal by average per carat in excess of $ 2.1 million price. It creates the most high transaction record diamond per carat in global auction, which highlight Christie’s leadership on the auction market.
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  Rahul Kadakia, head of New York Christie's jewelry department, said: The collector demand for large pieces of diamond has never been so earnestly, particularly for the pink diamond of this size and quality. Usually among the mined diamonds, less than 10% of the pink diamond is weighing over 0.2 karat, and with true color saturation and brightness performance of the diamond is very rare. Since I worked in the Christie's office, I have never seen the degree of such bright color, and have the weight of the diamond. In Christie's auction in December last year in New York, the jewelry collectors have actively bidding for the fresh color light purple and weighing 6.89 carat diamond. The final price is average of $ 1,000,000 per carat, worth $ 6.9 million price of the transaction. This giant light purple diamond with its rich color and deep pink is bound to become one of the most sought diamonds in this season auction. " Pink diamond market intelligence According to the well-known institutions which were first set foot in the diamond auction -- the 21 Gem CEO Gaoyuan describes, the color diamond is the myth of god creation, very rare and valuable, can be the first of the luxurious worthy. In recent years, driven by the growing demand of collectors and limited supply of factors, the top diamond prices have been soaring violent. Such a perfect diamond color is formed by crystals appear in the rocks rare natural slide which was because of stones buried deep in the crust. There were only a small number of mines in the world produced natural pink diamond, among the after fine cut and polished pink diamonds, only one of the chrominance can be sufficient to be classified as " Fancy Vivid " level in about 10 million pieces of diamonds. "21Gem global online jewelry institutions" as  China's first online sales of diamonds large jewelry website, and always aspire to high-end, high-quality, real price of diamonds of great investment value to the Chinese market, and the colored diamonds and fancy cut diamonds is  one of the highlights. In the past 17 years, Christie's has led the development of the jewelry auction market, and made $ 426 million of total sales in the global jewelry auction in 2010. In the past global Christie's success sold the rare and highly historical significance of the color diamond, including "The Agra" – which is collected from a 32.24 carat pillow-shaped light pink diamond of the Indian legend of Golconda diamond mines in the seventeenth century.  For more info, visit this website.  

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