Leads drive your online business. The number 1 issue most home business coaches face is generating a substantial number of targeted leads to grow business. Without leads your opportunity dries up. With leads you prosper fast. Following a simple system on a daily basis creates a steady flow of prospects who fuel your biz growth. As with any online opportunity the formula remains consistent: create value, make strong connections, prosper. Creating value for a targeted audience helps you to attract individuals hungry to prosper with your venture. Making strong connections with leaders in your niche expands your presence quickly. If you are interested, take a look at 5linx. Connect with power brokers. Learn the secrets of pros and shorten your learning curve by months or years. Use a combination of social media and content creation to create a steady flow of targeted, responsive online leads. Generating Online Business Leads 1 - Hyper Target Create with a purpose in mind. Write blog posts with your target market in mind. Write articles, shoot videos and post status updates designed to talk to your target market. Build all content around relevant keywords. Speak to interested individuals. Improve your blog's positioning in search engines. Hold your intent before each creation. Save yourself months or years of cash gifting or home business struggle: target all pieces of content to prosper quickly. Use a keyword 400 times in a 400 word article. Once in the first and last paragraph and once in a pair of h1 tags. 2 - Quick Follow Up Follow up with interested prospects quickly to determine if you have a qualified, targeted lead. Some individuals might need screening to determine if you created a potential match. Call all leads immediately. Follow up with an email after your discussion. Be proactive. Pounce on the opportunity to connect with interested individuals. Simply lead in with the question: "How can I help?" Maintain an attitude of service. Open up, ask questions, listen for answers. Targeted lead generation machines follow up quickly with interested individuals to grow their home based opportunity quickly. 3 - Network with Big Dogs Network with Big Dogs in your niche. Reach into large, targeted audiences. Cross promote authoritative online entrepreneurs in your niche. Write value-packed comments on their blog. Promote home business opportunities or cash gifting on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to spread the word, show your support and build your bond. Virtually all pros are lead generation machines, and are more than happy to share their most successful strategies with you. Help out a pro and some pros promote you, leveraging your presence. One note: release the strings. Detach from outcomes. This is not a 1 for 1 deal. Simply give freely, and you receive generously, from the individual you connect with or somebody else in the niche. 4 - Work Multiple Networks Avoid becoming attached to any 1 social network. Leverage your presence. Specialize in making connections on 1 network but maintain an active presence across multiple networks. Reach out to people who consume their content across multiple social mediums. Some like twitter. Others, Facebook or Google Plus. Individuals might prefer connecting with you on various Ning networks. Maintain a presence, check in a few times a day, create value on each network, prosper. 5 - Birds of a Feather Only hang on networks where your prospects hang out. Forget about branching into niche after niche. Time wasters have a difficult time generating leads. Effective acts count. Each group or page your join on Facebook needs to be relevant to your particular niche. Show up where your prospects hang out. Prosper.  For more info, visit this site

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