Why did I join the Empower Network - can be a genuinely excellent query. 

 Joining the Empower Network was an accident. I didn't plan on joining but stumbled upon it. 


 I was reading an e-mail from Linda on Start-up Biz and she had been writing about one of her company partners. She stated that he had joined the Empower Network and by clicking on his link I could discover a lot more. Following clicking on his link it re-directed me to a capture page and also the usual name and e mail request. I dutifully filled out the requested data and was sent to a commission loophole video. 

 The video explained regarding the various factors that had been included and the usual data about the amount of money you can possibly make. The factor that was actually interesting was the part concerning the blogging platform supplied to its members. 

 The Wordpress weblog the Empower Network supplies to you is really a really large deal. the web site is an authority site within the eyes of Google and that in itself is really a big plus. You'll be able to promote something you wish except for pornography or a thing that is illegal. You'll be able to not merely add posts for your blog, you'll be able to add pages and widgets to advertise your items. That is a massive plus also. 

 You do not have to sustain the website and if you need to have help, the support team is knowledgeable, quickly and courteous. I know from my knowledge with them, they're fantastic. At the very least I assume so. 

 When I 1st joined, the Empower Network was going via some developing pains and occasionally they seemed to be losing. I stuck with them trough all the discomfort since the founders David Wood and David Sharpe had been entirely transparent. They kept sending out the updates on what was happening and what they had been undertaking in regards to the problems they encountered. 

 Dave and Dave have really built a community which is developing at truly quick pace which accounted for many from the troubles they ran into. The way they handled those issues and the transparency they've shown built a great deal of trust. That trust was one more with the factors I joined the Empower Network. The trust is actually what got me to acquire all-in and buy all the goods that were supplied. I'm glad I did. 

 I had some previous expertise about Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe from My Lead System Pro. That's an understanding platform I had joined to understand about Net network marketing. I didn't possess a clue about something when I very first decided to attempt Internet marketing. Dave and Dave were leaders in MLSP and had accomplished webinar coaching for the members of MLSP. I got to determine these in the substantial education library that's offered to all members. If you are interested, take a look at personal development overview.

 I digressed so now back for the Empower Network compensation plan is great! 

 You get 100% commission on almost everything you sell. That's the most effective commission paid by any affiliate plan. 

 In addition to the blog you also have a few goods that you can sell to obtain that 100% commission. That is where the affiliate element comes in, it provides for residual earnings and individual sales merchandise. You are able to learn much more about that on the inside

 The updated tech stuff is an additional reason for joining. I am not genuinely interested in performing a great deal of upkeep on a program or updating the promotional stuff. The Empower Network staff supplies all that type of stuff so you are able to concentrate on writing, posting and promoting whatever it is that you simply need to promote. 

 The cause I joined is a no brainer, but from the start I was a little skeptical because of the growing pains, but Dave and Dave gained my trust. That was the principle purpose I bought all-in and haven't regretted my selection. 

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