For any pressure washer pumps, the pump is the heart of the machine. If the pump is not working properly, no pressure will get created and the water will not come out of the hose. The pressure pumps are meant for easy and faster cleaning. The pressure pumps could be used for cleaning any surface from dirt, germs or molds ranging from roads, garage floors, driveways and the cars. The high pressure of water coming out of these pressure pumps ensure that the there is no dirt on the surface and everything gets a dazzling look. It will take only few minutes for one to get the pressure pumps attached to the garden hose pipes and get the desired result in cleaning. The high pressure pumps should be kept in a good working condition and to utilize them for more number of years, the timely and proper maintenance has to be kept. IF you want to know more click Alkota Pressure Washers. There is an owner's manual that can be followed in order to know about the proper way of maintaining the pressure pumps. The maintenance routine of different types of pumps is different. Let's have a look at the direct drive pumps. These pumps are the most common type of pump that gets used on pressure washers. These are reliable and need very less maintenance. The direct drive pump has got direct connection to the engine through a drive shaft. There are fewer moving parts thus the maintenance needed is the least and gives better efficiency. The most models of high pressure pumps used at homes are the direct drive models. There is one drawback of these pumps. The motor has to handle more wear and tear thus these have lesser life span than any other pressure pumps. The models of the pressure pumps that get used in the industry have got the belt drive. As compared to the direct drive pumps, the belt driven power washer pumps have got a lower RPM (revolution per minute). Belt driven pressure pumps make lesser noise as compared to the other types. The belt needs to be replaced regularly so the maintenance needed is more. These washers are expensive too. These are expensive but can last for longer. The main drawback of these pump machines is that they are complicated so cost more for maintenance. The third type of pressure washer pumps is the gear drive model where the pump is directly connected to the motor shaft. The gear box is also attached to the motor shaft. The wear on the motor is much lesser so these pumps have longer life. These models are heavy and cannot be moved easily which is the major drawback.  For more info, visit this website

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