Amway is one of the most highly respected and oldest companies in the affiliate marketing world. This is partly because they don't exist only in that limited niche. Amway is primarily a major purveyor of everyday household items which everyone needs - from jewelry to vitamins to makeup. Ever since Amway was founded in 1959, the affiliate model has been crucial to its growth. Amway has a network of thousands of affiliates who have sold Amway products to their friends and neighbors using traditional direct sales methods like conference calls. However, with the rise of the Internet, Amway has been forced to adapt. If you are interested, take a look at  Amway.  arketers are now able to sell Amway products etc. online, and, while the company is still one of the most successful in the affiliate marketing world, it lags far behind more recent companies in utilizing the Internet to provide its affiliates with the most effective ways of making commissions. A quick search around the internet by anyone interested in making money from home will yield thousands of online "business opportunities" and courses offering the keys to making money on the internet. Some of these sites may be scams but the vast majority of them are legitimate but simply don't offer an appealing opportunity to the aspiring marketer. However, anyone who has been looking for ways to make money from home in recent months will certainly have come across a opportunity called The Empower Network. If the Internet is the wave of the future for network marketers, it seems that this brainchild of entrepreneurs David Wood and David Sharpe is at the crest of the wave.. The Empower Network brought in over 30,000 paying customers in its first 6 months and shot up to its current spot in the top 400 most visited websites on earth. The Empower Network is still much smaller than Amway, but it is under a year old and is growing faster than almost any company on the internet, marketing or otherwise And with its far superior online offerings and compensation plan, it will soon out-strip more off-line companies like Amway. The Empower Network is changing the rules for network marketers by paying out 100% commissions. Whereas affiliates in most companies, whether they be on or offline are paid a small percentage of any given sale that they make, mombers of the Empower Network keep all the money. other gurus are scratching their heads at why founders Dave Wood And Dave Sharpe created this business...because they don't see a cent The affiliate makes it all. Apart from the opportunity to make 100% commissions on referrals, The Empower Network gives its affiliates a pre-made viral blogging site with built-in sales videos that convert traffic into sales at a phenomenal 30-60%. Usually presentations in this industry convert at around 2-5%. Virtually all the affiliate has to do is generate traffic to your pre-made sales page - and The Empower Network offers hundreds of hours of training in the most up-to-date and efficient methods of doing so. Amway's plan for its affiliates does not come close to this level of ease and profitability. Old-school affiliate marketing companies like this would do well to update their offerings for the ever-growing market of online affiliates looking for a fast and relatively painless way to earn commissions. For more info, visit this website.

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