If you're in your fifties like I am, you probably use an anti aging face cream. Or if don't now, you more than likely will need one soon. 

 The market is flooded with these lotions and creams. It's hard to know which ones will really work and which ones are just hype. There are infomercials on TV, slick full-page ads in magazines, and lots of pop up ads on the Internet that all promise to make you younger looking. 


 Who do you believe? The beautiful model that is being paid to tell you that the product she uses is the best, and works wonders for her. If you are interested, take a look at Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

 Do you believe the advertising executive that is paid to write the ads? Do you think if whoever wrote the ad he or she would actually tell you if the product didn't work? Of they wouldn't. They are paid to tell the anti aging face cream works and will make you younger looking. 

 I am not here to tell you that all advertising is false. Some of it has a measure of truth in it, but you need to do your own research. Don't just believe everything the ads say about a certain product. 

 Read reviews consumers have written about products they've used. They will tell you what works and what does not work.

 One basic thing you need to know about an anti aging face cream is, it needs to be able to provide your skin with more collagen and elastin. 

 These two substances are proteins in the connective tissues of the skin. They help to keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free. 

 If your face is beginning to have wrinkles or fine lines, or your neck is getting saggy, your supply of these proteins is diminishing. Some companies want you to think that by applying a cream that contains collagen you can build up your reserves. For more info, visit this site

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