YouTube is the most popular website where users discover, watch, upload and share videos. Since its inception, YouTube has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds every year. At the same time, many useful tools for YouTube have been developed to meet the needs of YouTube fans. 

 Here I would like to list the top 30 amazing tools for YouTube in 2011 that are incredibly useful and yet very simple. This collection will make your YouTube more funny and effective. Hope you like it. 



 YouPlayer is one of the must-have add-on tools for YouTube which allows you to watch YouTube videos without leaving your current browser page. It is a video player with playlist and supports sites of Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace and YouTube. You may add and drag a video link into the playlist and watch or download it. 

 This is a subtitles adding tool for YouTube videos and other online videos. With Overstream, you can customize any online videos by adding your own comments, subtitles and closed captions in any language without downloading it. You can also save them on the Overstream server, and send a custom video postcard or the link of the subtitled video to your friends. The video will still be streamed from YouTube but the text in the captions will appear via Overstream.  If you want to know more about this, check out Best software for making dubstep.

 3.Sothink Web Video Downloader 

 This is an excellent YouTube video downloader converter. It can intelligently capture YouTube video and other web videos and directly convert to multi-formats in high quality. This tool also allows users to download YouTube HD videos. You can save these videos in various formats or devices such as iPad/iPhone/iPod. With this tool, you can download HTML 5 video and save other online videos in HTML 5 format. This tool also has a Firefox add-on version which also helps you download YouTube videos as MP4 format. 

 4.Tweak Tube 

 Tweak Tube is another must-have Firefox add-on tool for YouTube. It helps you auto-embed the video file, enlarge it, and provide a link to download the video. Also it plays videos with your local FLV-capable media player, displays a tooltip for YouTube videos with video information and provides a small player for a preview. Moreover, it can download YouTube videos as MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3 format and much more. 

 5.Orbit Downloader 

 Orbit Downloader supports HTTP/FTP/HTTPS/RTSP/MMS/RTMP protocols and provides a total solution to download YouTube videos more simply and easily. It supports IE, Firefox, Maxthon and Opera and is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading, such as video/music/files from YouTube, MySpace, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare. 

 6.Easy YouTube Caption Creator  

 Easy YouTube caption creator is a web-based tool for YouTube captions. You can use it to create a caption text file (.sub format) and then add to YouTube video files you have uploaded. 


 Semsix is a freeware web tool with which you can create your own playlists and listen to them as often as you want. Also, you can search lyrics and listen to web radio stations by genre, artist or city. 

 8.Video DownloadHelper 

 As a Firefox add-on tool for web content extraction, DownloadHelper provides an easy way to download YouTube videos and other online videos. This also works for audio and picture galleries. For instance, if you go to a YouTube page, you'll be able to download YouTube videos directly to your file system. 

 9.YouTube Widget 

 YouTube Widget is an Adobe AIR app which lets you browse top-rated videos or search for something specific without opening your browser. You can reduce the size of the thumbnails window on the right-hand side of the interface or display all of your favorite videos on your site or blog. For more info, visit this webpage
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 Firstly, hunt for reliable assignment helpers who will give customized writing services as per the requirements and specifications. One you have got come upon with such person it's currently necessary to match their worth quote in order that you later don't ought to regret regarding your call of taking online Assignment Help service for finishing and submitting your faculty or school homework writing work inside a given time amount. Explore the list of their wide providing and choose a one that good matches your matlab Assignment Help necessities. ensure you have got a laptop system well attach with a high speed web affiliation at your house in order that you'll be able to don't ought to exit and obtaining your writing work done from the highly qualified writers. 


 Note that's invariably advantageous to convey a deadline to the assignment helper you have got approached and employed for your writing task in order that they'll deliver your work in time and permit you to more meet the deadlines of the assignment given by your academics. In today's quick pace life everybody wish to act well and doesn't have to be compelled to exit and appearance for somebody who will help them with their tutorial homework writing. Majority of the scholars so like taking online assignment writing services that are price effective and simply out there at each cheap worth. You'll be able to provides a try and these instructional services any time you wish.  For more info, visit this amazing site.  
Your orientation is usually to enable pupils build school skills. This is a very good job with regard to folks who have got strength and also no cost time for you to embark on educating. Vital gear, jet pilots want college textbooks, reference point books and also other textbooks. They also acquire tables, chair and immobile products. A number of instructors who mean to work on the larger scale may also purchase a car or truck and also generate a duplicate of your own small business cards. If you want to know more about this, check out St Lucia Tutor.

 Research or even functioning from residence can be usually a new big issue regarding each and every school college student with his fantastic father and mother. It's got become the necessary element associated with university student everyday life. Within elementary school, the actual level of discovering or homework at property can be somehow maintained through father and mother. Whenever a child visits college within the center associated with an overburden regarding homework on each and every situation gets a new matter of head ache pertaining to each the actual university student with his fantastic mother and father. A few pupils are usually older adequate to go through this kind of practice, yet college students still constantly depend on other folks to be able to comprehensive their own research large quantities or even web template modules associated with learning with dwelling


 The important phase inside beginning any tutoring business enterprise accomplishment should be to marketplace and advertise your support. Tutoring solutions could become advertised throughout many techniques. Modest advertisements may be sent towards the panels, located inside stores over the city. Mother and father as well as college students are usually interested in registering for tutoring services may be called numbers appear inside ads. The instructors could give speak to details and also mail against each other from the place of the mail box. Web site advertising their particular solutions tutorial proves to be probably the most contemporary and also well-known choice. 

 Right now, the particular teaching services are usually abundant. There is additionally the number of teaching franchise companies that have now sprung up within the deprive shopping malls, the on the internet teaching, as well because the extra standard tutoring. For more info, visit this webpage

Many people have endured learning issues, rather than thrived on learning differently. Some are diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, executive function disorder, while others are diagnosed with autism, or aspergers. Learning specialist who center on tutoring teach alternative ways of understanding school curriculum and mentor students. Formal classrooms are too 'cookie cutter' for individuals who need atypical styles of teaching and seamless feedback to be on the right academic path. If you want to know more about this, check out Keperra Tutor

 Too often the costs of not having a tutor far outweigh the fees to have one. Once a learned helplessness is in place, many will, in turn, exponentially lower expectations about their futures. There needs to be a sense of hope about what their careers may be; they need incentives of success to try in school. Positive outlooks about school can often be found with the right mentor. People who receive the right tutoring are often able to apply their strengths in approaches that make them indispensable to society; they see weaknesses to plans and solutions to make it right. When you think differently, there is the benefit of a different perspective. If all people think alike, how are they to see subjects from a multitude of points of view? In general, I have found in my learning specialist practice that those who received appropriate tutoring to address learning needs, as adults, are excelling in college and outlook on careers. Albeit, most who needed help and did not get it, have hit walls in their paths to better types of work. There needs to be a connection between how people learn and ways in which they can be heard in order to have success. 


 If seeing the world from a unique perspective is seen as a disability, then what can be expected of them? How do you escape low expectations when a plan for success in school and life is absent? Once you study about many modern day high achievers who had learning issues and were helped for them, it becomes apparent that assistance on an individual basis is the proven synergy with formal schooling. Over the years, I have had a multitude of students who tested in formal settings as being below the average I.Q. by two standard deviations; they were classified as mentally retarded. Most of these students with the right one on one lessons were able to exponentially improve their thinking skills. Over the course of a year or more, they usually test in the normal intelligence range. Progress for such students has reflected some of the most amazing experiences that I have had as a learning specialist. Naturally, there have been a wide range of learning needs and success over the years.   For more info, visit this website.  
If you've recently learnt that your child isn't achieving as well as you had anticipated with certain subjects, or you've had a call from the school to get up to the school to discuss your child's education, you are probably thinking that you are going to have to consider extra tutoring. 

 Then you think about the cost; it's not something you have budgeted for and from what you have heard the cost can be prohibitively expensive. Yet somehow you have to sort something out; you always promised to provide your child with the best education, whatever the cost. 


 Home tutoring has been proved that it can be the one of the best methods to get your child back up to the level they need to be at (and sometimes well above the level) in most academic subjects. Additionally, because the tutoring is on a one to one basis there is no distraction and 100 per cent of the tutor's time is aimed at educating your child. This means that the learning curve is much greater and result in your child getting back up to the required level quickly. 

 From a financial aspect, the faster your child gets back up to speed with his or her peers the less expensive private tutoring will be. Add to that the benefits of choosing home tutoring and it you can see why so many parents are opting for this if they find out their child needs some extra help.  If you want to know more about this, check out Samsonvale Tutor.

 Obviously only you can decide if you can afford home tutoring and whether it fits comfortably in your budget. However, undertake some research and you may be pleasantly surprised. You may also find that once you have spoken to the tutoring academy and had your child assessed that your child is not going to require too many extra lessons to sort out the problem.  

 You need to consider the possible implications if your child doesn't get back up to speed; will he or she be able to attend their chosen college and take their chosen subjects. If no action is taken it could completely change the direction you and your child had intended to take. 

 If your child only requires occasional extra tutoring; perhaps to just make certain he or she keeps on top of certain subjects that maybe are a little difficult then most tutoring organizations offer to provide a lesson once a week. This type of tutoring will cost in the region of about $130 a month, but obviously process can vary significantly. 

 If your child requires more comprehensive tutoring, perhaps involving multiple subjects, then you need a tutor service several times a week. Prices vary, but it's likely you can choose this type of option for between $170 and $200 per month.   For more info, visit this URL.  
E cigarettes are produced such them to required taste involving which can be. Also, they do not comprise ashes and also tars. One of several harmful components with classic cigarettes will be carbon monoxide. It may cause hypertension and may injury liver. Cigarettes were banned given that they contain smoking cigarettes which could trigger cancer malignancy. E-cigarettes likely have ended up saving quite a few lives. Quite a few those that smoke whom employed to electronic cigarette review smoke cigarettes cigarettes cigarettes will live lengthier simply by transitioning to the telltale e-cigarettes. If you want to know more about this, check out Smokeless cigarette brands

 From a lots of research as well as technology, people have recently make a product which can simply support people who smoke , give up smoking cigarettes. Let's check precisely why it is so difficult pertaining to people who smoke , to quit. 


 The E Cigarette is often an electric battery driven product that gives nicotine within a vaporised point out the moment inhaled because of the end user. E Cigarettes are usually non-flammable and also purely imitate the consequences and look regarding tobacco products for instance cigarettes in addition to cigars. This E cigarette doesn't involve just about any tobacco fumes or even tobacco, allegedly which makes it the less hazardous alternative to popular cigarettes. The actual best electronic cigarette is actually employed to give the consumer the smoking serving actually yearning. This happens through advanced microelectronic technology. One of the benefits on the E Cigarette is it truly is re-usable causing all of it is pieces usually are replaceable or refillable. 

 Smoking had been replaced by nicotine spots, inhalers etc. E-cigarettes likewise have smoking, but additionally to be able to smoking, additionally , they provide a much bigger. Mouth fixation -- E-cigarettes are similar to cigarettes in relation to appears as well as sense. You own them just like cigarettes and fumes these including cigarettes. Thus, mouth fixation has been taken into account. 

 The fumes : Cigarette smokers should glance at the smoking walk inside their own lung area and then come out of their own teeth. This provides you with people the impression of cigarette smoking. Regrettably, almost nothing right up until today could possibly change that will emotion. Although, E-cigarettes care for this specific too. These people develop fumes like normal water vapors which in turn give the very same feeling because the smoking coming from a smoking cigarettes electronic cigarette. Apart from that smoke like vapors will not comprise almost any harmful carcinogens, tar residue or other of the million unsafe compounds present in cigarette cigarettes. For more info, visit this website

In Horoscope, the Second house (Dhan bhava) represents wealth. The second house of Horoscope chart gives details of wealth, family, speech of native. Second house of the horoscope also explore the face, mouth, food the native eat, habits, accidents, reason of death of native etc. The second house of Horoscope chart is also known as Panfar bhava. 

 The Horoscope : Second House (Dhana Bhava) details 

If you want to know more about this, check out Horoscope
 According to Indian astrology, the second house of the horoscope (birth chart or Kundali) is known as Dhan Bhava. To predict the second house of the horoscope, the zodiac sign and planets present in this house are very important. Analysis of the sight of other planets to the second house of the horoscope is also important. Position of the lord of the second house in the horoscope is also important. After the complete analysis of these important factors, it can decide that the positive effects are more or the negative effects are more on the second house or Dhan Bhava of the horoscope. If positive effects are more, then the native has good wealth, speech, habits, food, family etc. If negative effects are more, then the native doesn't have good wealth, speech, habits, family etc. You can decide positivity and negativity of following qualities of a native by second house of the horoscope: 

 1. Wealth: Second house of the horoscope mainly analyze wealth, self earned wealth, paternal wealth, savings of the native. 

 2. Family: Second house of horoscope also tells about the family and friends of the native. 

 3. Speech: Quality of speech (rough speaking, sweet-spoken etc.) can determine with the help of the second house of the horoscope. 

 4. Food: With the help of the second house of the horoscope, eating habits and food like-dislike of native is decided. It shows what kind of food a native loves. 

 5. Early Age: Second house of horoscope chart is related to early age of native, therefore it also tells about childhood of the native. 

 6. Eyes: The second house of the horoscope tells about the eyes of native. 

 7. Cause of Death: Second house of horoscope chart is related to cause of death, so it tells the reason of death of a native. For more info, visit  this URL.  

Making use of window tinting to your vehicle glass or Residential windows may also help you in many alternative ways. Glass tinting supplies privacy that you simply usually do not get with the home windows of your automotive as well as warmth protection and glare. You also receive protection from UV rays. You may be taught to use window tint yourself or have a window tinter do it for you. Both approach, the strategies outlined here will need to be adopted by whoever works on your vehicle. If you are interested, take a look at Window tint.

 Whether or not you select to do it yourself otherwise you let an skilled window tinter do it, be sure that the particular person implementing the car glass tinting is prepared to be accurate. With auto window tinting and home window tint, the smallest mistake can result in unsightly gaps, creases and bubbles that do you little good. Whoever works in your car and is tinting your windows also needs to know the regulation regarding the darkest authorized window film for the procedure. In some states, darkening your home windows an excessive amount of can get you into an authorized trouble. This does not apply for dwelling tint. 


 . Get the proper materials for the application. You will have some window film for the automotive tinting or house glass tinting, an utility knife, razor blades, squeegees sponges, a bone device, hair clothes dryer and a bottle of apply stuffed with soapy water. 

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 . Measure the home windows on your automotive or house. Get exact measurements. 

  . Lower the window film within the shape of your automotive home windows if you're tinting the home windows of a house reduce the window film somewhat oversize. 

 . Clean the Glass that you will tint on first. Use the soapy water for this. If this does not get it clear up enough, use some extra powerful apply. Nonetheless, make sure that you get rid of all data of detergent or cleanser so that the glass for tinting is freed from any substance that will intervene with the adhesive properties of the film. 

 . Use one among your razors and then your squeegee to get rid of any information of detergent, dirt or other debris. 

 . Now use the squeegee to on the identical car or window of the house exterior. Do not skip this a part of the process as it is extremely important. Getting the home windows clear is probably the most essential part of the procedure. For more info, visit this link
Over the past couple of years, the term S.M.I.D.S.Y has turn into a popular term. It is basically an acronym for "I'm sorry, mate, I did not see you", a joke bikers usually make about vehicle owners who take out in front of them. The expression has developed so well-known that there are actually hundreds of YouTube videos showing an ironic twist on it. The reality yet is no joking issue. In the UNITED KINGDOM motorcycles constitute just 1% of all street traffic, still are associated with more than 20% of all incidents. One of the first considerations to minimize motorcycling accidents is to develop the visibility of the bicycles themselves. 


 The fact is that motorbikes are smaller and more difficult to see than almost all other kinds of transport. This compounds the threat for bikers as other street users find it more challenging to see and determine the speed of bicycles. This trouble can be improved by the rider putting on bright colored safety jacket, but more so by improving the ability of the motorcycle's tail lights, headlights and indicators. Since motorbikes are considered to be toys by many, usually the normal headlight bulbs, are a compromise by the auto makers between safety and cost. One of the simplest, most affordable and most powerful way to upgrade your motorcycle is to change your standard headlight bulbs with aftermarket products. 

 Motorbike headlight bulbs are speedy and effortless to change, on many bikes the job requires less than five minutes to carry out. The bulbs on their own are fairly cheap too, charging at any place from £10 up to £30 per pair, or beginning at £60 upwards for a HID Xenon set. If you are interested, take a look at Headlight tint
 Aftermarket bulbs provide a number of benefits over the normal OEM bulbs installed to most bikes. First of all, almost all aftermarket bulbs give off more light than their common equivalent. A bulb such as the Philips X-treme vision claims to output as much as 100% more light than standard bulbs. In addition, the color temperature of improved bulbs, if often much nearer to 6,500k, providing a whiter more functional light then the yellow tint generally related to OEM bulbs. Secondly, in spite of costing a little bit more than standard bulbs, aftermarket products, are often made to endure a lot of the torturous vibrations given off by current motorcycle engines. Having the ability to withstand just vibration can help prolong bulb life by 500-1000 hours, which means the bulbs pay for by themselves over time. 

 So to improve the visibility of your bike and to make night time riding a little less hairy, you'd better upgrade your headlight bulbs. It will just make your life beautiful. 

auto corner lights

 Now you've decided to upgrade your light bulbs, how do you select the correct ones for your motorcycle? For more info, visit this website
Lights are by far amongst one of the most critical, but generally disregarded, traits in any household or small business. The high quality of your respective lights establishes your convenience from the space, your power to see devoid of eye strain, and your all round amount of fulfillment. Each time a space is stuffed with dark areas and irregular illumination, it could be annoying and even headache inflicting. Several lights options furthermore generate an unnatural tint for the light which they produce, creating everything appear slightly yellow or blue. You could not concentrate on it now, but soon after expending a while wanting at LED lights for home, you may under no circumstances take a look at conventional choices the very same way all over again. At this time we are going to take a take a look at color transforming LED lights and how they could gain your household or small business.

Color transforming LED lights for home can be a excellent instance of how far LED lightsengineering has come. According to the present lights inside of your space, you could obtain that warm white or interesting white lights offers one of the most normal appear and experience. With these lights, you could very easily alternate between minus the have to improve even just one bulb. With dimmer switches and an assortment of different choices, creating the ideal appear and experience inside of any space becomes less complicated than you ever before assumed achievable.


With color transforming LED lights for home, you may furthermore obtain that you could very easily generate light styles. The lights are capable of flashing slowly but surely or speedily between interesting and warm white, giving off a really distinctive visual impact that may be ideal for nightclubs, bars, and even holiday break decorations. You'll find that one can find a good amount of household and small business purposes alike for these devices.  If you want to know more about this, check out Tint for lights

Many LED devices furthermore present added benefits with regards to versatility and utilization. Because the light strips could be very easily connected with each other, you will discover that they are ideal for lining hallways, countertops, and other sizable places. Conversely, they could furthermore be lower at set intervals, which makes it effortless to create a strip of color transforming LED lights for home that is as small as you want, also. Versatile strips present added customization, ensuring that there is pretty much nowhere that these lights is not going to offer the ideal in shape and the best amount of illumination to your needs.

Not surprisingly, LED lights are most popular to the fact that they are cheap, minimal repair, and minimal electricity. Whilst they supply the highest normal light output, they in fact demand nominal energy and give off pretty much no high temperature. To learn more about why color transforming LED lights for home can be a best selection for the assortment of scenarios, go to the trouble to watch an insightful video clip that basically showcases their features. For more info, visit this site