Until this year, China did not have any sort of government entity put in place to oversee automobile recalls.  Instead, the decision as to whether or not a recall was warranted was made at the behest of whichever automobile manufacturer was responsible for producing the potentially defective vehicle.  Perhaps not surprisingly, this left the door open for recalls to not be issued at all, as companies might perceive doing so as a sign of weakness that could harm the bottom line.If you are interested, take a look at Baltimore personal injury lawyer

That’s all set to change now, as China has officially announced that automobile recalls will become the purview of the administration beginning in 2013.  However, there still appear to be certain kinks that must be worked out before the system is implemented.  For instance, fines are set to be administered to automobile manufacturers that fail to adhere to the new rules that go into effect on January 1.  Fines hover between 2% and 20% of the cost of the vehicle being recalled, a fairly wide margin.  A new institution will likely need to be created to oversee citations and enforcement. For more info, visit this link

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