For empty nesters who no longer want the maintenance of a giant home or younger 1 just starting out living in a townhouse could be a great way to go. There are obviously some drawbacks to residing in a townhouse in comparison with a detached home, a giant yard for kids to play in and to garden are a few examples. But for a lot of owners the benefits of townhome residing exceed the negatives. Big landscaped common areas, swimming pools, nearly no exterior maintenance are simply a number of the amenities loved by townhome owners. Another good thing about townhome living is the price per sq. foot is typically less than a single family detached home. Townhome developments can often be built for alot lower than it costs to construct detached house communities.   Refer to the list below to know them. If you are interested, take a look at  Buying a townhouse.  

 Listed below are a number of pointers to think about when purchasing a townhome. 


 When touring townhome areas take note of its residents. Does it appear as if neighbors are talking to one another and getting along. Try to have conversations with a number of owners. You don't want to move into a neighborhood where nobody gets along and the association is divided over things like maintenance, pool issues, landscaping, etc. If you are actually serious about a particular development get a hold of the management company and request meeting minutes from the last 3 home-owner association meetings, this offers you a great picture as to what's going on and if there are any eminent special assessments coming in the near future! 

 Pay close attention to how open the interior floor plan is. Search for a house that's pretty open with alot of windows and elevated ceilings. Lots of older townhomes weren't constructed in this fashion and have a dark, closed in feeling about them. Proudly owning a townhome with an expansive interior can even help with re-sale down the road.  

 As the old real estate saying affirms... location, location, location. Just because you actually like a particular community and/or dwelling does not imply you need to move in. Make darn certain you like the area. Are schools vital to you? Make sure you are in a good school district. Are the shopping areas nearby to your liking? What about public transportation and handy freeway access? 

 What is the communities parking situation. Do you have a one or 1 car garage? Is there carports or covered parking. What sort of a scenario will you encounter when you have friends? When you strike up conversation with individuals in the community that is also an important question to raise. 

 If you're contemplating the purchase of a townhome hopefully the following pointers offer you something to think about. As you begin your procuring process other questions will definitely come up. Simply keep in mind don't make any fast decisions and think every part through before making a acquisition. It'll make for a much more pleasant townhome owning experience.  For more info, visit this webpage

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