_How are you feeling about it being October already? Excited because the year is coming to a close, or bummed because the year is coming to a close? Frankly, it makes me nervous that time is speeding past so fast and many of my goals are still out of reach. So, January is notorious for being that time of resolutions!Making resolutions is the secret to reaching your goals of dropping those extra pounds, eating healthier, and putting more snap to your step by getting over to the gym and flexing those abs.Setting your sights on becoming a happier person next year than you already are is a smart way to shape your fate in the months to come. In this article I will give you practical steps on how to keep your resolve - you can drop those pounds, eat the foods you love by making a few simple exchanges, and you can have more energy to enjoy life - believe it.You've made New Year Resolutions before, some have panned out, most haven't, but have you ever wondered where this notion came from? A little history - the tradition of making resolutions started back in 153 B.C. The mythical king Janus of Rome became the granter of resolutions because he had two faces. He could look back at what had been and he could see what was to come.The Romans, seeking forgiveness from their enemies, also wanted to exchanged gifts before the New Year. Naming the first month of the year after king Janus, the god of beginnings and guardian of doors and entrances, January 1st came into being. If you want to know more about this, check out Capodanno Roma 2012.  This tradition is only used in countries having a 365-day calendar which was developed by Julius Caesar beginning the New Year in 46 B.C.While Janus was looking back at the old year and looking forward into the New Year, at midnight on December 31st, the Romans began the tradition of presenting gifts of sacred trees for good luck. The tradition eventually changed to that of giving nuts or coins imprinted with the image of Janus. Over the centuries the date of the New Year was changed many times, until the sixteenth century when Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian calendar, and the celebration of New Year' Day returned to January 1st.Keeping your resolutions rests on finding a solution that will help you lose weight, eat healthier, and have more energy so you can enjoy life more. Ask yourself this question, "What is my drink of choice?" In all likelihood it was anything but water, what with all the other choices available - coke, beer, coffee - and dozens more. By supplying the body with all the water it can handle, it will eliminate what it doesn't need from around your hips, ankles, and thighs. They will love you for it. See if your belly doesn't become flatter and less flabby, in the process.Stored up toxins are leaving your body, more than you realize; your body knows you will keep the water supply coming and eventually you will feel lighter and see yourself wearing those jeans you gave up on last year or the year before. Water is your magic potion - drink up.Now, keeping with the water eliminating and the weight loosing, you will need to make a few food changes. Making better choices more often may be all that's necessary. Cravings of a Big Mac are probably in your New Year forecast, old habits die hard and new habits don't come about overnight. It's recorded and experimented with, a new habit can take about 30 days to get established. Eating a Big Mac and fries with a coke may have been your lunch of choice before the New Year, but looking ahead you might want to try a baked potato with a little dab of butter and a little salt and pepper, drop the fries, and grab a glass of water. Now, enjoy your Big Mac. Before you know it you will enjoy that baked potato, you might start craving it, and those fries and a coke can become a special treat that you look forward to every now and then.Leaving your couch and grabbing your gym bag is going to help your resolve. After a few weeks, your self-esteem will soar after you step on the scales and see that pounds are dropping off left and right. In the new year, health clubs always offer specials at reduced rates, for those people with serious resolution goals, try one for three or four months, be realistic when setting your goals, and you will be rewarded with obtainable results.By looking for positive alternatives to replace those defeating behaviors of the past, you will put into motion the mechanics of becoming a new you. Perhaps getting a new scale and weighing once a week and keeping a personal journal of your progress will be an important addition to your actions. You can do this.Make it happen in 2011.For more info, visit Capodanno Roma 2012.

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