_After spending 30 years in the real estate title and escrow business, I think have seen and heard it all. It has actually gotten worse over the years. With real estate booming at times, many in the business got sloppy. If you are planning to bid on a Foreclosure or a Trustee Sale, do yourself a huge favor and check the title.If you do not want to hire a title company or an attorney to check a property before the sale, you can go to the Clerk's Office or Record Room and check the main things yourself. Different states have different laws, but for the most part, I am giving you what I know is most important. If you want to know more about this, check out Bid Clerk.  You can usually get the deed book and page (document or instrument number) from the Assessor's Office. This should be for the most current deed of record. In the Record Room where the Deed Books are kept, find the Deed and see who the owners are. They should be the grantees, or parties of the second part on the deed.You must then search their name(s) to the current date to find any liens on the property. Ask someone at the Clerk's Office if they will assist you with this. Once you find out how to search, look for Deeds of Trust, Mortgages or Security Instruments. Then check to see if these liens have been paid off and released of record. There will be a Certificate of Satisfaction or Deed of Release recorded to satisfy the lien. If not, it is still a lien on the property.In the same office, you should be able to search their name(s) for judgments, ucc's and financing statements. Make sure that if any of these liens are found, that they too are released of record. Tax liens stay on the property until paid and released. They are superior to any bank or mortgage lien. This includes the real estate tax. Check with the local Treasurer's Office and make sure that any taxes, fees and assessments on the property are current.If you do find liens on the property, check with the Trustee holding the sale. Ask which ones will be "wiped out" by the foreclosure, as it depends on what position they are in. These are easy basics that could save you from getting stuck with a bad title. It is a great time to buy. Please do your homework first.For more info, visit Bid Clerk.