_ Hello er... tweet tweet.

Twitter Communicates



 Twitter has a very simplistic concept and this gives people a misconception that it doesn't take much time or dedication. But, like other tactics used to reach your customer base, including e-newsletters, brochures, news stories and for that matter even web content, it is a communication tool that has to have enough effort behind it, and using the right words for measurable success. If you want to know more about this, check out Celebrity Retweets._

 When I first set up my twitter account, I had no idea about hash tags, retweets, if I should manage who followed me-¦or not, how to get people to follow me, or many of the other functions surrounding twitter. In addition to posting 140 words or less, there was the tracking, analyzing, evaluating and reporting if I wanted to monitor the ever so much sought return on investment. Especially, since I quickly learned that twitter could take up a lot of time.

 Twitter Engages.

 Without a social media plan specifically tailored to achieve business goals, I can't tell you how often or what to twitter. But, I can promise that effectively tweets can build your business if done right.

 Three ads don't make a successful advertising campaign. One news release without follow up pitches to media doesn't usually result in many stories, and a tweet or two here or there doesn't build your business.

 Twitter can't be done in five minutes a day with five -œseemingly engaging- tweets. The key word here is engaging. This social media tool isn't just about pretty pictures, bragging on how awesome your company or product is, and unless you are a celebrity, no one cares what you eat for lunch, when you get your nails done or your golf score. Twitter messages must be meaningful to your followers in a way that engages them to retweet your message, click on a link to learn more, become educated, or purchase your product or service.

Twitter Connects

 Just like media relations, customer service and business networking, think of it like a connection. Done right, it is a tool that gives you direct communication and allows for interactive feedback with current and potential customers. As well, there are tools to measure metrics and return on investment to show how it works.

 Social media can be a powerful and effective tool if you commit to it and use it correctly. Twitter is not for every business, but with a plan of tactics, twitter can play a part in achieving business goals. With a little time and patience, it is very effective and by using time-saving tools efficiently, -œwe- don't have to be connected 24/7.For more info, visit Celebrity Retweets.