Many people feel that auto insurance providers simply make up rates out of thin air. Rates can differ drastically from one person to another, which makes many people question where they get their numbers from. Auto insurance providers consider countless aspects of a person's life in order to come up with a rate.    If you want to know more about this, check out Dallas cadillac dealer.  

 Age is typically the biggest factor that plays into auto insurance rates. Insurance companies use statistics to determine the likelihood that a person will get into an accident. Most studies show that younger drivers tend to get into more accidents simply because they don't have as much experience. Therefore, the older a person gets, the lower their insurance rates will be. 


 Gender is also a big factor. Unfortunately, studies also show that men tend to get into more accidents than women. Although this is an unfair stereotype for a lot of people, insurance companies simply have to use statistics from the general population to determine accurate rates. Men always seem to have higher insurance rates as compared to women.  

 The car a person drives is also a big determiner. People who drive new, fast, or sporty cars tend to have higher insurance rates because it will cost more to fix that type of vehicle. Citizens who are concerned about insurance rates should consider this when buying a new car from a  Cadillac dealer in New Jersey . 

 Lastly, location plays a big role in insurance rates. People who live out in the country are less likely to get into an accident simply because there aren't as many people driving around. On the contrary, those who live in highly populated cities will have very high premiums because the likelihood of an accident is much higher.   For more info, visit Dallas cadillac dealer.