They say everything is bigger in Texas and that phrase alone holds true with the real estate in Dallas, Texas. Dallas investment property has proven to hold its value even in the harsh economic times that the Unite States is currently going through. Investment property in Dallas is shrouded in a very unique economy; one way is that out of all 50 states, Texas is the number one exporting state of U.S. goods.If you want to know more about this, check out Dallas Homes. Unique attributes in its economy is what sets Dallas investment properties apart from investment properties of other states.To The Highest Bidder- Some realtors report that they have witnessed a small bidding war between their client's offers and another realtor's client offers for the same piece of property. That is unheard of in this present market compared to other state across the U.S. From January to February of 2009, the average seller of single family properties in Dallas sold their home for ninety six percent to one hundred nineteen percent of their asking price. Most of the time when a property sells for more than the listed price it's because of a bidding war.This illustrates the strength of the real estate market in Dallas. Certain parts of the city are undergoing new construction projects and remodeling projects on rundown existing property. There's always money to be made in Dallas investment property, especially now in their market that is still growing. Recently the city of Dallas cut property taxes down 1¼ cents. This is another attractive feature to the city of Dallas whether you are looking to purchase or sell Dallas investment property or personal property.Great Opportunity In Dallas- Despite a strong real estate market, Dallas also has bragging rights in having one of the lowest median house cost in the country amongst 25 of the largest metro areas. Their single family median cost is $151,000 with the rest of the United States having a median cost of $206,500, which makes Dallas the 5th lowest in the nation. This is valuable to the investor that remodels and flips homes. An investor that flips homes in Dallas has stronger odds of selling the property in a reasonable amount of time after the project is complete, which in turn will place more money in their pockets and not in interest payments.There is plenty of opportunity to go around for the income property investor as well. When the credit markets freeze up in our country like they have recently done, people often don't have another choice but to rent a home until the credit markets turn around. This presents another opportunity vehicle in Dallas investment property. At the time of this article, multi-family homes built before the year 2000 on average are being leased out for about 84 cents per square foot. Other multi-family properties built after the year 2000 are being leased out on average for about 10 cents more per square foot. The vacancy rates are slightly different as well. Multi-family properties older than the year 2000 have about a 6.9% vacancy rate. Ones that are 2000 and newer have a vacancy rate of 5.4%. Newer property will be more beneficial in the long run for maintenance reasons. That being said, investors will often find a great deal on older property that shouldn't be passed up. As illustrated, Dallas investment property offers an array of opportunity for the real estate investor.  For more info, visit Dallas Homes. _