Charge for driving under the influence or DUI means you are in big trouble. In US there is zero tolerance with drunk drivers as it is often the cause of car accidents and deaths. Because of this, you will have to avail a DUI Defense Attorneys to take care of things for you in this type of situation. If you want to know more about this, check out DRIVERS LICENSE RECORDS.

DUI Consequences:

The 2009 statistics on car accidents showed high rates of death due to DUI, 32 percent of the reason behind a car mishap is of drunk drivers and about 14% of young children's death on the road was caused by DUI. With the number of incidents and death due to DUI, no wonder it is considered as more than just a misconduct. And a driver caught drunk will have to face a lot of allegations.

Each State implements their laws about DUI differently but the graveness of the consequences if you are caught is the same. The arresting officer needs to assess your alcohol level, the disputes and damages to be able to report the gravity of your DUI offense.

Let us say in Alabama, if you committed DUI for the first time, expect a 90-day suspension of your driver's license, an one year imprisonment and an offensive record that might not reflect good for you in the future. And if you reach the fourth offense, you will face a felony charges with a maximum 10 years imprisonment with a hard labor. DUI is a misdemeanor to a felony charge so you must have an expert to assist you with this.

Why Hire a DUI Defense Attorney?

Your DUI defense Attorney will be able to measure how deep in trouble you are. The Attorney will be able to tell if your case can be dismissed. Only a DUI defense Attorney can understand a DUI case process. The seriousness of your DUI case will be assessed based on some elements such as having a child as a passenger, causing an accident, damages and a lot more. An experienced DUI defense Attorney will be able to work around your offenses and find a way to reduce your liability or dismiss your case altogether.

Things you won't have to deal with if you hire a DUI Defense Attorney:

Dealing with DUI charges means more than just losing some funds. Alcohol level testing can also be wrong. The DUI Defense Attorney will see to it right away and any incorrect evidence against you means a dismissal for your DUI case. With this kind of verification a DUI lawyer can do for you, a wrong alcohol level might be left unveiled causing a graver penalty for you.

Serving time for a DUI felony does not compensate it, you have to face other consequences such as being deported if you travel, lose your career, losing credibility and causing your family a pain that may result to estrangements.

A DUI defense attorney will help you go on with your life as it was. You don't have to suffer consequences you don't deserve; your DUI defense attorney can fight for you. For more info, visit DRIVERS LICENSE RECORDS. _