_A government resume is like a standard resume, right? Wrong. Federal resumes are much more thorough and precise than standard resumes. There are many different sorts of government resumes, documents and application forms, as well. They are:

 Types of Resumes: Designed for the majority of government positions (GS-1 to GS-15 grades), Federal resumes are much like traditional resumes, but they are more detailed and specifically formatted according to government hiring regulations. SES Resumes are Federal resumes designed for the Senior Executive Service, which includes the highest Federal jobs. They are similar to regular Federal resumes, but they are much more detailed and must focus on leadership and managerial abilities. If you want to know more about this, check out Federal Resume Writers.


 Additional documents: KSAs are first person essays about your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and how they relate to the job. MTQ (mandatory technical qualifications) narratives are essays about your technical qualifications. MPQ (mandatory professional qualifications) focus on the professional qualifications you have that pertain to the job in question. ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) are essays emphasizing leading change, leading people, results driven, building coalitions and business acumen.

 Application forms: SF-171 is the standard application to get employment with Uncle Sam. OF-612 and OF-306 are optional application forms that are also available to apply to government jobs.

 Which of these documents you will need to provide for the position you want will depend on what the job announcement calls for. If youre looking for a Senior Executive level position, you will need to submit an SES resume. All of these resumes, essays and applications have a specific purpose and follow special guidelines based on the job announcement that you are responding to.

 Generally, Federal Government resumes will require detailed personal information, as well as clear objectives. Also, you will need to provide your experience, both work-related and extracurricular, as you would with a standard resume. Your education is also important, but only if it is relevant to the job you seek.

 The hiring managers wont care about the school you went to; they only care about the degrees you have that make you the most qualified candidate. Beside this, you also need to be sure that your resume is unique. At this level of the job hunting game, your resume should practically scream Im THE BEST person for this job.

 Federal resumes are rarely prepared by the candidates themselves; You will mostly likely be expected to use a professional government resume writing service to land the position you are looking for. Professional resume writers have more experience than you when it comes to preparing great resumes and applications. However, if you have already successfully prepared your resume yourself, feel free to give it a shot. Just remember to follow the application guidelines closely otherwise you will get you disqualified even if you have what it takes. For more info, visit Federal Resume Writers.