_In the last few years online betting has literally exploded. Everyone can register and take part in betting in many different sports. The year-round nature of football and the assortment of betting options available makes this a non-stop thrilling exercise that most sports fans don't want to miss.Even within the same event, you can find endless opportunity to place your bet: for instance, in a Champions League match you can bet on who is going to be the first player to score a goal or what will be the correct result at the end of the first half. If you want to know more about this, check out Free bet. You can also do some long-term betting: for example, you can predict which football team will win the Premier League or the Premier League Cup.Normally 1X2 betting doesn't make a big profit when betting on strong teams. This is however the most popular type of bet: 1 X 2 is basically shorthand for Team 1 win / Draw / Team 2 win. In other words, you either back one team to win the game or you go for a draw. The reason why this is the type of bet chosen by the majority of punters is clear: winning is the main full time aim of the game and this is what drives players motivations. If you bet on how many corners there might be in a game, your knowledge on the teams involved have no influence on how successful your bet will be as the outcome is unpredictable.Another reason why 1 X 2 betting is so popular is simply because is quite easy to predict as the number of outcomes are only 3 (win, draw, lose): if you try to pick a player scoring there are at least 22 on the pitch so it is much harder to win.As the competition is fierce in the online space, bookmakers always offer some kind of free bet promotions to sign up new players or to lure existing customers to bet more often. There are different type of betting promotions: free bets, betting vouchers, cash-backs, pay-in bonuses and more. If you are able to capitalise on what are effectively 'free money', you are betting without risk and you can only win.Bookmakers offer a large number of special promotions before any Premier League match: so this is an ideal period for a new player to sign up to an online bookmaker. Our suggestion is to look for websites with Free Bets review so you can pick the best option. For more info, visit Free bet.