_If you are looking for a convenient, and heartfelt way to send someone you love, a personalized, funny birthday greeting card, you must read on to find out how. They will love you for it.You might have thought about driving to your local card store and burning more carbon emissions. Then you would spend about half an hour reading through cards and deciding which card to buy. Once you've picked the right card you have to go to the local post office to buy stamps and mail the card. If you want to know more about this, check out Free Birthday Ecards.  That's about an hour of your time that you will never see again.Or perhaps, you could send an e-card. If you're like me you already know that most e-cards are somewhat tacky and impersonal. The other problem with e-cards is that everyone, including your recipient, knows how little effort and thought goes into sending one. You have to wonder if the person receiving your e-card is also wondering how much you care about them.A much better alternative is to send a personalized paper birthday card by finding a specialized retailer on the internet. These websites have designed funny birthday greeting cards that you can personalize with your own words, your signature (if you have scanned it), and any picture you might want to include. Specify the address that you want the card mailed to and you've just saved an hour or more of your time.I sent my father a birthday card from one of these websites and he liked it much better than my last e-card. He was so impressed with the fact that I sent him a real paper card. He loved the humour and especially all the personalized details I included. I spent twenty minutes to choose the card, upload a picture of myself, upload my signature, typing some of my own words and finally specifying my dad's address for mailing. The total cost including shipping, was less than $6. For more info, visit Free Birthday Ecards.