Most people now know that there are two methods that one can use to increase web traffic; that is the paid and the unpaid methods. Before going into the details of that subject, something needs to be clarified. If you pay an expert to have your website optimized for search engines, that one is not considered among the paid methods. Paid methods refer to tactics in which you pay for the actual traffic you get to your website.  If you want to know more about this, check out  Free Web Traffic.  There are two major paid methods of increasing web traffic. These are pay per click (PPC) advertising and pay per view (PPV) advertising. Most people will go for the PPC when they want to market their websites. A commonly used tool in this strategy is the Google AdWords.The major advantage with Google AdWords is that you can get your website to appear in the first page of search results without having to undergo through the rather tedious process of search engine optimization. But the actual big thing is that the results are almost instant in that if you successfully launch your marketing campaign, your website will start appearing in search result pages minutes after.This tactic can however turn to be a very expensive venture. One downside of PPC is that you pay for all the clicks on your link even if it's from a kid who was just playing around the internet. So much money ends up being spent on non-targeted web traffic.More over, if you take a critical look at the internet usage trend, you will easily conclude that the fate of PPC in the foreseeable future is deemed. Due to the vast information available online, Internet users are now interested in only the top quality content. There is a notion that the websites on the ad section of Google result pages have inferior content and that is why they have not made it to high ranks through the normal SEO process. If this notion persists, PPC would no longer be effective.Pay per view is mainly done through adware. An advert is attached to software that is availed to a user for free. The setup is designed such that certain action on the computer in which the adware is installed triggers a certain website to pop up. For example, if the user searches a specific keyword, the website automatically appears.According to statistics, Most PPV strategies fail. The internet marketers that use this strategy do so because it is very affordable. However, if you are lucky, you could get a PPV strategy that will work well thereby saving you a lot of money that you would have used for advertising.Most website owners prefer the unpaid for methods of increasing web traffic. These methods include the popular search engine optimization, use of social media websites, building and using email lists, participating in forums and many more. All these methods need a lot of time and effort to build. However, the free traffic building techniques are very effective in the long run. A website that ranks high in Google, for example, will continue getting high web traffic even when the owner is doing little to drive traffic to the website.  For more info, visit  Free Web Traffic.