There are many kinds of cards you can give your boyfriend for his birthday. There is no right or wrong option, but there is an amount of creativity you can add to his card to make him smile.The option is always available to go to a store and get a birthday card from the shelf. You can make it personal by adding a thoughtful note within the card. You can tell him how much you love him or say thank you for something sweet he had done for you. If you want to know more about this, check out Funny Birthday Cards. You can also praise his good qualities and tell him why you're glad you're with him. Feel free to include a poem, inspirational quotes, or some jokes. Something simple and sweet will brighten his day considerably.There are also e-cards that are easily available and easy to send. They can even be scheduled to be sent on the day of his birthday at whatever time you request so you don't have to remember to send them. E-cards come in hundreds of colors and styles. There are some that include music and even let you choose the music that plays when your boyfriend opens the link that gets sent to his email address. Sometimes you can personalize cards further by including pictures that are included in the animation. There is always an opportunity to add a personal message, which means you can still tell him how much you care and wish him a happy birthday without having the card do it for you.Making a card for your boyfriend from scratch is truly a special way to say that you care. It shows him that you are willing to put in the time and effort to make him something unique for his birthday. Homemade cards can be any shape or size, from being elliptical or triangular to being life-sized! Choose your colors with the content of the card in mind and remember to let your imagination flow. A homemade card should express who you are as much as it expresses how much you care.Don't forget that it's possible to include gifts within your card. You can include money, concert tickets, or even a homemade coupon that reads something like "1 Free Kiss." The possibilities are endless.There are literally hundreds of cards to give your boyfriend for his birthday, and hundreds of ways to deliver them as well. Don't hesitate to be creative. He'll love it.  For more info, visit Funny Birthday Cards. _