The tenth edition of the conference entitled 'Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía' or The Best of Gastronomy will take place on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of November at the Kursaal Conference Centre in San Sebastian. This conference has become one of the most important gastronomic events in Spain and indeed in the whole of Europe.Hence it is very significant that a group of 50 professionals from the Balearic Islands will this year be taking part in the conference with the aim of promoting New Balearic cuisine.  If you want to know more about this, check out  Gastronomia. It will be the first time ever that the cuisine of the Balearic Islands enjoys such a representation at a conference of this prestige.Fifteen of the most prominent Chefs of the Balearic Islands will prepare one of the official dinners during the conference and will present the latest innovations in Balearic cuisine through dishes in the form of Tapas. Mallorca a la Carta, a magazine which will be presented with a prize for 'Best Gastronomic publication in Spain in 2008' and the Association for Balearic gastronomy are responsible for organizing this event, which has been given the name 'Pro Gastronomia Balear 09'.Each of the chefs taking part will prepare two Tapas dishes using different products with a designation of origin of the Balearic Islands or products which are typical of the islands. So in total there will be thirty different dishes available to taste during the dinner which will take place on the 26th of November.Embassy of Chefs who will represent the Balearic Islands and their Tapas;Gerhard Schwaiger- Tristán Restaurant
Yoke with prawns from Soller, tomatoes and paella sauce
Egg flan with hierba luisa tiramisu, ensaimada cake and prickly pearsBenet Vicens- Béns d'Avall Restaurant
Carpaccio of Mallorcan prawns, basil and Soller lemons
Thrushes with cabbageKoldo Royo- Koldo Royo Restaurant
Mandarin gazpacho with marinated golden mackerel
Sobrassada cake with honey ice cream and fennelMarc Fosh- Bacchus Restaurant (Hotel Read's)
Red scorpion fish with carrot juice, ginger and Echinacea
Young pigeon with foie gras, salt of hibiscus flower, cereal vinaigrette and palo liqeur jellyBartolomeu Caldentey- Es Molí den Bou Restaurant 
Pork and duck canelloni with mushrooms
Mahonés cheese ice cream with trufflesRafael Sánchez- Plat d'Or Restaurant (Hotel Arabella)
Cuttlefish with botifarrón, thick vegetable soup and sesame chips 
Carob sweetsMacarena de Castro- Jardin Restaurant
Our snails
Fried ensaimada with creme brulée, condensed milk ice cream, apricots and palo liquerJoan Marc Garcías- 3|65 Restaurant (Hotel Son Brull)
Gallo fish and carrots  
Codfish, ramallet tomatoes and Inca biscuitsGuillermo Méndez- El Olivo Restaurant (Hotel La Residencia)
Confit of lamb chop with a crust of olives and mallorcan cabbage
Grouper with crust of sobrassada on a base of coca de trempóÓscar García- S'Atic Restaurant (Hotel Los Geranios)
Creamy rice with Spring beans
Soller oranges with yoghurtBartomeu Trias
Pa amb oli with dried anchovies, black olives and Mahonés cheese mousse
Tramuntana rollsVicente Fortea- Son Termens
Cubes of black pork with pepper and mustard
Duck with olivesJordi Calvache- Son Julia Restaurant
Canape of Mallorcan rabbit with almonds
Almonds with marinated rabbit ragout, mushrooms and pumpkinSantiago Taura- Santi Taura Restaurant
Brown bread toast with onion confit, black pork fillet and mushroom paste
Sant Joan gin 'pomada'Caterina Pieras- Es Vi Restaurant (hotel Son Vida)
Foie gras with pomegranate jam
Salmon with fennelEscola d`Hoteleria UIB
Shot of Nadal sauce with almond bread
Dog tooth fish coca with aubergines, ramallet tomato sauce and and garlicThree wine estates will also be representing the Balearic Islands, the award winning wine estate Miquel Gelabert, Anima Negra wine estate, and Cap de Bavaria wine estate.The aims of Pro Gastronomia Balear 09 include promoting the new traditional Balearic cuisine which is so up and coming in the islands, to expose the islands as a gastronomic destination and to endorse local produce.  For more info, visit Gastronomia.