_An efficient heating system that will take care of you and your loved ones in the cold months is a vital aspect of a comfortable and cozy home. There are a lot of different systems available these days and all of the important considerations are explained in detail here. Keeping you and your loved ones warm during cold winter months is best achieved through the use of a home heating system that is both efficient and controllable. Most of the newer homes will probably have a central air conditioning and heating unit but there are alternatives like water based central heating which is powered by a centralized boiler or furnace which can be very efficient and economical. If you want to know more about this, check out Heating Systems for Homes.

There are a few things to take into account when deciding on which heating system to install and the most important of these are the running costs of the system, what maintenance work will be required and the initial cost of the installation. There are other factors such as health concerns which can be an issue with forced air heating where air is blown around and can cause allergic reactions in people. The three most popular types of heating systems will now be analyzed for their advantages and disadvantages:

Central Heating Water System

With water based central heating systems there is a lot of hardware to install which includes a centralized furnace, wall mounted radiators and copper pipes. To make central heating systems work they need pipes to be connected to all points of the system and this can take a long time if you have many rooms. You have to think about whether you want these ugly radiators mounted on the walls of each of your rooms as they take up a fair amount of space too. The installation costs for central heating is high due to the amount of hardware (boiler, pipes and radiators) required and the labor time needed to complete the installation. This kind of system usually requires annual servicing and has quite low running costs.

Forced Air System

The forced air system is another central furnace based system that warms your home through hot air being pushed around ducts. Due to the amount of installation work required with all of the ducts and the furnace this is not a cheap option either. If you go for this type of system make sure that you install a high efficiency furnace. These furnaces can run on gas, electricity or oil and do not require the use of a chimney for ventilation. If you take care of your high efficiency furnace with regular servicing they can last up to two decades. One of the major disadvantages with the forced air system is the circulation of the air around the house can be problematic for those suffering with allergic conditions and germs can spread very rapidly. Electricity Powered Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heater systems have very low setup costs compared with the centralized water and air heating systems. Every room in your home will have baseboard heaters installed and these are all separately controllable when it comes to the temperature which is an advantage. High electricity costs are the biggest disadvantage with electric baseboard heating systems and these costs can be unbelievable mid winter time. The electric baseboard heaters have a tendency to make the air in each room of your home very dry which can cause health problems and this means that you will need to provide moisture through using humidifiers. This is an additional expense of course. All heating systems have positive and negative points to them. Whatever system you choose be sure that you carry out the proper maintenance so that your heating system will take care of you when you need it most. For more info, visit Heating Systems for Homes.