_Black mold illness is a disease that is caused by extreme exposure to black molds. It is a fungus infestation that is a cause of concern for many. It is typically found in areas that are exposed to humidity that is more than 55 percent. Walls, ceilings, thermal insulation and fiber-boards are well-known breeding grounds for the molds. Careful inspections of areas exposed to moisture and humidity are to ensure that a clean and healthy environment exists by early detection and removal of these molds. Inspectors should be aware of the risk factors when exposed to the molds. It is important they take certain precautions themselves like cleaning kits with masks and gloves during the cleaning process. If you want to know more about this, check out Mold Sickness. The cause of the black mold illness is associated to the toxic substance that is called the mycotoxin, which is typically a spore like product of the molds that can enter a human system and make them ill. Skin contact and breathing are the ways for the black mold fibers to enter the body. These mycotoxins are usually circulated via the air that you breathe. Health risks depend on the severity and what is the amount of exposure that has been done.The individuals that are prone to being infected with black mold illness are infants, children, elderly people, individuals with weak immune systems and pregnant women. Severe allergic response is a cost of unprotected and continued exposure to the fungus. The allergic symptoms range from runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and throat irritations. The extent of the severity of the allergies depends on the amount of exposure that has been done.Black mold illness is also a typical invasive disease. This generally means that those individuals that have been recorded to have reduced immune systems are diagnosed with other diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. It is an opportunistic disease that invades the already weak immune system of the person. It is essential that you always keep a lookout for any allergic symptoms and for obvious infestations. Repair any damaged leakages and surfaces that are constantly exposed to moisture. By having a clean environment, you avoid the health risks of the mold sickness. For more info, visit Mold Sickness