When setting up an outdoor bar setting, one of the main things you need to purchase is a set of bar stools. When you have people over, the stools are the most used things that you own. Flexibility and design are the factors you want to take into account when looking into buying new stools. If you want to know more about this, check out Outdoor Bar Stools.  The most expensive stools are the ones that are the most mobile. Some are foldable, making it very simple to move them from place to place. Weight is also something to take into account. Stools made of iron or aluminum are the lightest, and although more expensive, are the easiest to transport and maintain.Chances are if you're looking into purchasing outdoor bar stools, you plan on having people over for parties eventually. The normal climate of your current location and the amount of moisture your outdoors are regularly exposed to are important factors to account for when looking into your purchase. Ensure that you have a good place for indoor storage so you have a place to store your stools in periods of rain. Keeping the stools weatherproof is your primary concern if you have an outdoor bar.When looking into buying new bar stools, online will be your best bet. The best prices and widest selection are available on the internet. most of the newer stools available are weatherproof, but whenever you are purchasing just be sure that you're buying moisture-proof stools. Cheaper stools may appear similar on first look, but will wither away much quicker than the costlier ones, once exposed to the outdoors and regular usage. It's worth the extra money to get some quality outdoor bar stools that will last a lifetime. look for stools made from aluminum, steel, or iron. Wood, as long as it's coated with enamel or urethane, is suitable for most outdoor stools. Look for cushions made from materials such as plastic or vinyl, or other waterproof materials. For more info Outdoor Bar Stools. _