What really happens during a psychic reading, or session? Are they reading your mind? Cold reading or guessing? Or simply accessing information from another dimension altogether? The simple truth is, while more than 75% of people believe in psychic abilities and are passionate about learning more, most have NO idea what really happens during a reading. If you want to know more about this, check out Strange People.

 The truth is NOT all psychic readings are created equal...


 As a matter of fact, most psychic have very different processes for procuring information. For example, many mediums see and sense symbols, and hear mental voices that they claim are emanating from "the other side". (these are often called mental mediums for this reason....and most of the really famous mediums we see on TV fall into this category)

 A love psychic, alternatively....will often READ your aura, and your emotional energy, or subtle body. (all mystical traditions and new energy science believes that each of us has a VISIBLE energy......GENUINE love or relationship readers are notoriously sensitive to this for sure)

 Clairvoyants often see and sense things very differently....and many perform what is called PSYCHOMETRY, where they read an object, or item associated with you...or, will pick up a feeling from holding your hand, or having you touch theirs.

 Phone psychics often use MANY of the above skills....other than the physical touching, obviously...and can be amongst the most accurate, and psychically sensitive of the bunch.

 The truth is, and I can tell you this after many years of personal experience, that the best psychics ARE in fact getting information that is hard to explain away using a conventional model of science. (even though many skeptics want to pretend it's NOT happening..:-) I've had life changing readings with some sensational psychics, and have the first hand evidence that is in fact, the most exciting experience there is!

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