_Volkswagen Golf GTI Features



Volkswagen launched the Golf GTI that has come with improved safety, higher curb weight and better materials, and more power. The GTI has delivered sensational acceptance and admiration due to its incredible features. Volkswagen has been able to manufacture a car that is likely to stay in the market for so long. Volkswagen GTI comes with an engine that is so excellent!The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is lye one of the best power plants on the entire market. There's 200hp at 5100 rpm and 207 ft-lbs of torque from 1800 rpm to 5000 rpm.

 Volkswagen GTI car has an exceptional interior; features include  6.5-inch touch screen audio system Autobahn package with a sunroof highly bolstered leather seats, Red stitching on the shift boot and e-brake handle. Supportive side bolstering and three-stage heat. Thick flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel VW's trademark -œInterlagos- plaid seats.  If you want to know more about this, check out Volkswagen NJ.

Volkswagen GTI car has impressive engine performance along with design, it possess incredible acceleration capabilities. The GTI is reasonably priced hot hatch and not a sports car. It's actually magical how quickly it does accelerate and navigate round corners. Just like any Volkswagen, the Volkswagen GTI car is at home on anything that resembles an autobahn, feeling extremely well placed at speed and making 180 mph feel like just 20mph.


The safety system of the Volkswagen GTI is so secure and highly protective! There are big front brakes that never go to sleep. These Brakes are very effective for emergency situations. It allows you halt at your desired destination without any problem. It is highly responsive and efficient! Volkswagen GTI is extremely refined, comfortable and quiet to drive;its pedals are more sensitive. The Volkswagen GTI is both elegant on the exterior and superior on the interior. It's the perfect car that is cost effective to maintain but prestigious to own.


The new Volkswagen GTI is an excellent example of a practical and sporty for the masses. It's efficient, powerful, reasonably affordable, classy and stylish. Volkswagen has put its best technology in developing the VW GTI model. The great success the car has enjoyed cannot be exaggerated .it's a true show of mighty super- technology that Volkswagen has put in place to ensure a brilliant car finally emerges on the roads. The Volkswagen GTI has its own faults and flaws but certainly it is the best model of a car. For more info, visit Volkswagen NJ.