Today I'd like to provide 50 different items you can use to make gold in cataclysm. You will notice that many of these items are from previous expansions and you're right! Most of the items I sell these days in World of Warcraft are to people leveling cataclysm professions, even moreso than gems or glyphs to level 85's.WoW Gold Guide Items1. Folded Obsidium2. Netherweave Bag3. Strange Dust4. Illusion Dust5. Greater Cosmic Essence6. Pyrium Weapon Chain7. Greater Sage Fish8. Tailoring Epics -> Maelstrom Crystals If you want to know more about this, check out WoW Gold Kaufen. 9. Obsidium Shuffle10. Inscription Offhands11. Mysterious Fortune Cards12. Golden Draenite13. Copper Bar14. Truesilver Bar15. Mountain Silversage16. Iron Bar17. Fadeleaf18. Meta Gems19. Transmute Truegold x2 Alchemists20. Inferno Ink21. Resil + Stamina Gems (rare and uncommon)22. Stamina to Bracers (from wotlk)23. Spiders Silk24. Thick Spiders Silk25. Boar Meat26. Stringy Wolf Meat27. Saronite Bar28. Frostweave Cloth29. Level 15 Tanking Shield30. Level 15 +Healing Wand31. +Intellect to Weapon (Vanilla)32. Wool Cloth33. Mageweave Cloth34. Silk Cloth35. Runecloth36. Bolt of Embersilk Cloth37. Mithril Bar38. Titanium Rod39. Mote of Air40. Mote of Fire41. Crystallized Fire42. Crystallized Earth43. Crystallized Water44. Essence of Fire45. Small Radiant Shard46. Large Briliant Shard47. Guild Signature48. Guild Bank49. Khorium Bar50. Potion of Treasure FindingThis list could have easily become 500 items to make gold with in my WoW Gold Guide, but I think 50 is fine for now. Wouldn't want to give you information overload! Perhaps the best thing you can do is take the ideas I've given you and look into crafting/farming/selling them as well as investigate more markets you have access to on your characters.For more info, visit WoW Gold Kaufen. _