Spirit Guides are entities which exist in what is known as the spirit realm, we are all essentially 'spirit' using the physical form in order to have an earthly experience, the birth and death cycle is part of a greater picture and the soul is eternal. If you are interested, take a look at Clairvoyant psychic readings. Spirit Guides have already walked the Earth Plane - they do not exist to stand in judgement but are there to help you in your life path. How do I know that my Spirit Guides are with me? - You will know that your spirit guides are with you because you will experience different things that you will be able to tune into. How you do experience your spirit guide? You can develop your intuition which will enable you to get in touch with your guides using audio meditation guides which a good psychic company will sell, or by learning from a book. . Step 1 is accepting that we have Spirit Guides - that old gut feeling etc. Further along your path you will find that you can quite easily tune into your Spirit Guides.......... Spirit Guides with us will have experienced the Earth Plane in a physical form there are, however, Guides from a different Energy or a different Plane than Spirit Guides. To get in touch with your spirit guides start your path with a reputable phone psychics reading company and you won't go far wrong. If you do not want to get directly in touch then a good psychic medium will be able to communicate messages from your guides to you when you have a psychic phone reading, this is often a good approach when you don't require the full monty! For more info, visit this site

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