One piece of advice that I was given, is that nothing can happen between a woman and a man until they're attracted to one another. That may not be valid advice but it sounds good. 

 Often times getting a girl interested in you, especially when you're new to the whole dating game, may seem difficult. Fortunately it really does become easier with practice. 


 There are strategies you can implement so that you can have better success with women. I'd like to tell you about some of them, if you're truly interested in learning how to improve around women. 

 If you're willing to put in the effort these steps won't fail you. So are you ready. 

 **Tip number one: Your Lips Are Not All That Smile. 

 Well you may or may not understand these things but I'm going to go over them anyway, not to bore you, to just be sure we're clear on a couple points. 

 First off let's be clear on one of the most attractive things about another person, is a genuine smile. It's better than any accessory. That's probably one of the first things we notice about another person. 

 A friendly smile can make you almost irresistible to women. Really? Yes really, if you're not smiling,you're not attractive to girls. 

 One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can't just smile with your lips. If you want to know more about this, check out Como conquistar a una mujer

 If you really want to attract lots of girls effortlessly and easily both your mouth and your eyes have to smile and it has to be genuine. 

 Now some people may not be great at smiling, if they're thinking about. When somebody says "Chese" before they take a picture some people look like they're in pain or just plain fake. 

 If you have trouble smiling for any reason here's a few things you can do. 

 Well lighten up. It's only smiling and you're supposed to be having a good time. Try and think of something, an image or a memory that makes you feel good. 

 When you have a genuine smile women are drawn in like a moth to flame. That smile will reflect in your eyes. 

 **Dating Tip number two: Use Your Deeper Voice

 It's been proven through research that women consider a deep voice more attractive and masculine than a high-pitched one. It's just another reminder of our differences. Studies have shown that women find men with deeper voices to be more dominant, on the other hand men find women with higher voices more attractive. 

 Apparently these things are hardwired into our DNA. If you can lower your voice a little and still keep it sounding natural and not restrained. Compliments will sound much better in a voice women are scientifically proven to find more attractive. This could give you an edge you didn't even know you had. 

 **Dating Tip number three: Be A Leader... NOW! 

 Women have an instinctive need to be protected and they want to be able to depend on you to look after them, provide excitement and laughter. Some women may like to be led, so be the man to fill those shoes and she may be willing to follow you anywhere. How do you demonstrate that leadership early in your Association. It's extremely easy! As soon as you walk up to a lady say something so that she will know you are in charge. For example you might ask her if she would like to go somewhere else, if you're at a bar or coffee shop, if she would like to go somewhere else or offer her a drink or coffee that you think she might like. Be sure it sounds like you're asking a question, you're telling her that she's getting something different. One cool thing about that statement is your letting her know that you will be getting her something very specific which again tells her you're in charge. It's a very cool dating thing to play up the role of leader, be the one to make decisions, always try to keep control of the situation, women will want you to assume that position anyway.   For more info, visit this URL.  

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