Many people who own digital camera do not often take advantage of all of the unique settings that are available. The various parameters and options on the average camera allow the user to manipulate and tweak the pictures. This can mean the difference between an excellent picture and one that gets deleted. Several digital camera settings you should know about that will allow photographs to truly improve.  

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Close up or macro mode: When it comes to shooting close up images, most cameras can only get in so close before having the image be blurry. Changing the settings to macro will give the user the ability to get in close and personal to the object and still have image clarity. In addition to this setting, many point and shoot cameras have settings for portraits as well as landscape and different lighting situations. With these pre-programmed settings, the camera adjusts aperture, film speed and the flash based on that individual situation. These settings are ideal in that only one setting needs to be selected for the specific shooting situation.  

Burst mode: For shooting things in motion, this setting will allow the user to take multiple quick photos in a short amount of time. Otherwise, in the time it takes to get a single photograph, the motion is passed and the picture did not come out well. The one thing to keep in mind with this mode is the fact that it will use up a lot of memory, so a fast memory card with sufficient storage is necessary.  

ISO: In the past, this referred to the speed of the actual film that went in the camera. On a digital camera, this will allow the photographer to change the speed manually. This is idea for low lighting situations that may often be encountered indoors. This setting may not be a physical button, but is most likely a setting that is accessible through the menu functions.  

By exploring the advanced features of the digital camera, the user will find that there are a lot of great settings and things that can be done to take great pictures in unusual situations or difficult lighting. Before long you will be able to produce work that would make a professional wedding photographer jealous!  For more info, visit this webpage

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