A car that has come across an accident has no more the same value that it had before the accident. Once a car comes across an accident it is termed as a diminished value car. The term diminished value car can only be used for a car that has been badly banged up and its body and the inside parts have been damaged. A car that has only damaged its side mirrors, mirrors or windows, lights or bumper cannot be termed as a diminished value car. This kind of car damage can be easily replaced and it is not necessary that the car has been damaged through an accident by another car only anything unforeseen like being hit by a garbage can or a ball or anything else could have caused the bumper or the lights to break.If you want to know more about this, check out Diminished Value Oregon. Similarly the diminished value car loses its value only and if the body is damaged badly that the damage is more than a scratch and it needs to be dented and then repainted then the car would lose its original value. A diminished value cars best example is that: You own a good conditioned car which is two years old. How ever it has never been in an accident and it is in a very good shape. You want to sell it and go to get its estimated value. The value has been estimated as $ 32,000. Now you are looking for a good customer and planning to sell it soon as you would get a good car in return for the money you get after selling this one. Before you sale it the car gets hit by a truck and gets banged up pretty badly. You contact your insurance agent who says that he would pay a few percentage of the damage while the rest of it has to be paid by you. Now you pay the damage and then when you get the car redone in an A-one condition you plan to sell it again. But this time the price of the car is not what it was the last time. Now you will get $ 24,000 for the same car as it has been termed as a diminished value car. So due to the car being termed as a diminished value car the owner of the car is going to face a double loss: i)He paid for the damage in spite of the fact that it was insured. ii)The car will not be sold at the same price as it was earlier. Now what the owner of the car does not know is that you can ask your insurance agent to pay for the whole damage and also ask the truck drivers insurance company to pay for the damage because it was the truck drivers fault apparently. You may also make a claim for the diminished value car to your insurance agency and if they do not pay you for it then you have all the right to file a law suite against them and fight for your right. For more info, visit this link


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