No matter what breed you have, clicker training for dogs is one of the best ways of teaching your dog basic obedience. It takes a surprisingly short time for them to learn clicker training, and once you have mastered using the clicker itself, there is not much you can't teach your dog this way. How Clicker Training Works In clicker training, you actually teach your dog to associate the noise of the clicker - which is a short sharp 'click' which the dog can hear, even if it is over the other side of the yard - with a particular command. If you want to know more about this, check out Dogs singapore. The idea behind this is that the dog is rewarded with the sound of the clicker when he has obeyed that command. However, clicker training for dogs, with the ‘click’ as a reward is not the first thing you teach. Your dog has to learn that the 'click' means you are pleased with him because he has done the right action.. So how does he learn this? With treats of course! Plus a clicker which you can get from most pet stores. There are several reasons why using a clicker is so good when starting to train your dog. Your dog will always associate the clicker with doing the right thing, and they are going to get a treat Giving the same instruction in several different circumstances can confuse your dog, and it makes it difficult for him to understand; using a clicker gets over this problem How Clicker Training for Dogs is Done In the initial stages of teaching your dog to act in response to the clicker, there are 3 fundamental stages. You show your dog what you want him to do. (sit, stay, roll over etc) As soon as your dog has carried the command out correctly, click the clicker, and Give him a reward It doesn't take long for the dog to learn what you wanted them to do, and by doing it correctly they got a reward. Clicker training for dogs works so well because they react at once, and rewarding them at the same time as the ‘click’ fixes it in their mind, compared to a spoken command which takes more time to be understood. As soon as your dog has correctly obeyed your command and been rewarded, carry on doing it several times to reinforce it in their mind. You shouldn't have to use treats all the time as petting and praising him can also work well, and in the end will completely take the place of the reward.. Changing to a Voice Command Make sure the dog thoroughly understands the behavior before you change to a voice command, which can be used with or without the clicker. At the time you are going to use the clicker, in quick succession say the command, click the clicker, and give him a reward - your dog will learn quickly to associate these three things. In the end, with persistent training, your dog will obey you when you tell him to do an action, in the first instance with a treat or praise plus clicker, but eventually you will not need to give him a treat as a reward, or even praise him. Your dog will just be happy that he has pleased you.  For more info, visit this website

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