Let me share my experience with you that I had that introduced me to the Empower Network. I was pretty new to internet marketing and I was resolved to master the expertise essential for achieving success. So between studing the craft (from many systems, books, and lessons that I had bought), researching, and working on making my web site, I was pretty swamped. Don't get me completely wrong, it was tough but I was focused and proud of myself for the growth that I had. On the other hand, mastering the abilities needed from scratch (I knew absolutely nothing) AND implementing them simultaneously was time consuming and in the meantime, the expenditures had been stacking up and the income was still at zero. If you are interested, take a look at Empower network live event in austin texas.  One particular morning, I jumped on my and started performing some research. I'm sure you know how a single search leads to yet another and the next thing you know you are looking at something you never expected to in the first place? Well, that's what happened and it made my day. For some reason I made the decision to have a look at this new "thing" that I had heard about, the Empower Network. I had heard Dave Wood speak previously, gone to his web pages and was impressed with him and his "easy-going, loving life" personality, not to mention being impressed with his success story. I like those stories where the individual begins much like me - an absolute novice - and via some intelligent work and dedication, they get incredible success, don't you? Anyway, I clicked on the link to Empower Network and knew that I had discovered a treasure. I didn't plan on tossing my website-in-progress, but this was a way I could begin that day putting to use some of those tactics and strategies that I had learned. The Viral Blogging System is the major core product. This the internet site was already created for me. All I had to do was begin blogging. No spending weeks or months trying to get a website up and operating. No css file editing, no plug-ins, no grappling with designs - what a relief. Yet another excellent factor regarding the Empower Network's Viral Blogging System, is that I could still customize it by adding extra pages to my blog. So, to advertising the Empower Network and its products, I could also market my main organization with only a little bit of easy tweaking. There was the opportunity to participate with the Inner Circle Mastermind group for all those thinking about studying advanced advertising and marketing and leadership expertise. It offers frequent audio trainings each week from the best of the best within the business to assist you create your company . There was also a Mastermind Intensive 11-hour Video Coaching series provided for those who're actually serious about developing their business enterprise. Now here's the ideal part (well possibly it's a tie with the Viral Blogging System), there was an amazing pay structure in place for immediate compensation, and also, long term residual monthly earnings, that could mean substantial profits. The awesomeness of this pay strategy was that it was not like most other affiliate items or services that pay at small "chump change" rates, but at 100%! Yes, you read that right. 100% commissions. I personally do not know of any other item or program that does that. My ears were burning as I listened to Dave Wood lay out the comp strategy. Empower Network community set up BY successful web marketers, David Wood and David Sharpe, FOR online marketers. So what's new? These guys genuinely want us to be successful - NOW, not months or years later. They put their money where their mouth is by providing us 100% commissions on every item inside the network's arsenal - upfront Right now. They provide top gun education so that we are able to dominate this industry if we choose to. Man, I felt like I couldn't beat that with a stick. I was smiling, "hoo ha-ing" and racing to get started in this extraordinary networking community. , too, choose to get started today earning commissions and creating your business the quick and simple way, you owe it to your self to have a look at the Empower Network.  For more info, visit this webpage

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