Those who have read me before know very well that how much importance I give to the habit of reading books and real -˜good books'. But there are times in life when you don't want to cram anything or you don't want to read a book because you have to appear in an exams, instead you want to enjoy that shear moment of reading it, no boundations of remembering the things you have read. In fact you can forget what you have read in that book as soon as you read it. If you want to know more about this, check out Fiction.  

 When we are in search of such book which can provide us an environment of relaxation we look upon Fiction Books available in book stores. But before going any further in our discussion on such kind a books we should exactly know the meaning of the same. Basically the meaning of fiction books is same, as what we can make out of the word -˜fiction' these books are biased on the fiction story which grew in the mind of its writer. Once they know how they have to start and what they want to write, they spun the story in such a way that it keeps a hold on its readers until it reaches its end. 

 But as we all know to work on any kind of creative project or books, we need an inspiration to go on with it, and in the case of fiction books, an incident in somebody's life which they have shared it with the writer or an incident which took place in front of writer encourages him to write the book. Taking that particular incident as the center point they work with their story around it, and come up with something totally different which amasses you. 

 Fiction books are basically light books which help you to relax and room around in the world of characters created by the author forgetting all your tensions. One such book which will make you forgets your real world is -˜few things left unsaid' by -˜Sudeep Nagarkar'.    For more info, visit this link.  

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