This article is designed to assist anybody who wishes to obtain more Information on Firefighter Recruitment and the Selection Process.


 Everything will be explained in detail and insider tips and advice will be given, on everything from the iniatial Application form to being offered a Contract Of Employment from the Fire Service.

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This is the probably the most important part of the whole Recruitment Process.

It is designed to screen people out, rather than get people in. Over 90% of applicants, fail the application alone, so make sure that you read everything, including the Guidance Notes that come with your application. This is the first time that the Brigade is going to find anything out about you, so ensure that you fill out every part of the form correctly. Follow all of the instructions that you are given and you should be okay.

This is the only chance that you will have of making it to the next stage of the recruitment process. So make sure that you give it your undivided attention, and take your time when filling it in. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Make copies of your application form to practice on. Keep the original for your final draft. 

Know your answers on meeting the Brigades needs. This will help your application to stand out from all the others.

Read through your application form carefully, and ensure that you understand all of the instructions and questions, before you start.

Think very carefully about how you can show what skills and abilities you have, via the questions that you are being asked. Try to include information that you have already found out about your local Brigade.

Punctuation and grammar should be excellent. Only use capital letters when you are supposed to, and place commas and full stops in the correct place. Your form needs to stand out from the others.

Never leave a blank space. Your Brigade will be looking for any way they can to screen you out of the thousands of other applicants. They will fail you for the most trivial of things, such as forgetting to include your post code.

Once you have finished your final draft copy, ask friends or relatives to look through it and give you their opinion. Only when you are 100% happy with your draft, should you fill out the official application form.

With the introduction of the National Firefighter Tests, candidates are now required to provide examples, of where they feel that they meet the essential requirements of the role, as outlined in the trainee firefighter Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQA's). Any candidates that meet the requirements, will be successful and invited back to take part in the next stage of the recruitment procedure. For more info, visit this link.  

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