With the economy moving into a recession, a lot of people are nervous about spending money, whether it's online or offline. 

 As a marketer, you will have to be more creative in marketing your products or services, as well as offer more value to your customers. One of the ways to do this and still make money is to give away your products for free.  If you want to know more about this, check out Giving away money.   


 Now normally just giving away your products for free will not allow you to make money. If you want to make money giving away your products, then the way to do it is to combine your products or services with cost per action offers. 

 The problem here is that if you set up cost per action offers, and then tell your readers they may get your products for free for completing these offers, you will make a lot of extra work for yourself. You still have to fulfill those offers. 

 The solution is a new site called Trial Pay. What Trial Pay allows you to do is offer your product as a bonus when visitors complete an offer. Once the visitor completes an offer, he/she gets your product as a bonus, and you get paid by the company making the offer because you provided a lead. 

 The advantage of using a system like this is as follows: 

 First, the cost per action offers that are available are from name brand companies like Blockbuster, American Express, FTD, and other high profile companies. This allows your visitors to get products from companies they trust, and you get paid for referring them to these companies. 

  This gives you more credibility for your business because you are affiliating with easily recognized companies. It also improves your conversion rates on your products. Depending on the offer your customers choose, you may also earn more money than the actual cost of your product. 

 The next advantage here is that the system is beneficial to everyone involved. As I mentioned before, customers get an extra bonus for completing the offers. Merchants who make referrals get paid for the referrals. Companies looking for leads get potential customers who are actually interested in their products or services. Everyone wins. 

 You also have a chance to automate the whole process. Once your offers are approved, you simply add the code to your website and then promote it. Customers will automatically get the bonus after completing the offers. 

 The system itself is very easy to set up. Your first step is to sign up for a free account. Then you submit your products. You choose how much you want to be paid. Once your offer is approved, you add the Trial Pay as an additional payment option to your page. Potential customers then either have a choice of buying your product outright, or they may choose to complete an offer to get your product. 

 If you want to make more money from your products or services, you may want to consider Trial Pay. This free service will allow you to make money from making referrals, and it's very easy to automate. Give your customers a choice, and everyone wins.   For more info, visit this site.  

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