Most consumers, including myself really expect to have coverage all the time and as our lives depend so much on being available at all times for clients and friends, it is surprising that nobody has addressed the issue sooner considering the truly captive audience that is out there.Luckily, Nextivity Inc. who were founded in 2006 have developed the first baseband processor designed exclusively to optimize the transmission and reception of 3G wireless signals.The IntelliBoost Baseband Processor uses advanced filtering, equalization and echo cancellation techniques to produce unparalleled indoor data transfer rates and 3g connectivity.  If you want to know more about this, check out  GoPro WiFi. The high-capacity, ultra-low latency IntelliBoost modem boosts the 3g signal as if it were closer to the tower to achieve a better signal-to-noise ratio.A Cel-Fi system which is the model we are currently using in the office consists of two parts. The first is a Window Unit (WU) and the second is a Coverage Unit (CU). The units were very easy to install and simply required plugging in to the wall. The coverage unit simply sits on the desk in the corner of the room and the window unit sits (as the name suggests) in the window on the other side of the building.In the office we have a number of people using t-mobile contract phones and we are all able to pick up greatly increased 3g signal as a result. Personally, my BlackBerry Bold 9700 has increased from 1 bar to 4 bars and a similar increase has been discovered from my colleagues who are using everything from the Bold 9500, and 9000, to the Pearl 9105, as well as the Storm 9520. And, as a convenient side-effect some people have also noticed a small increase in phone reception as well.Some facts:o Reduced Churn - Fewer dropped calls and higher data rates promote customer retention.
o Higher Data Service Usage - Improved data rates in weak signal areas encourage its use.
o Decreased Capex - Lowers cost of indoor coverage and increases capacity of 3G Macro wireless networks.
o RF compatible with Macro Cells - Co-exists with macro network with real time automatic gain adjustment.
o Operator Specific - Integrated with the network through which the MSRB2100 was purchased.  For more info, visit this website.  

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