Over the past couple of years, the term S.M.I.D.S.Y has turn into a popular term. It is basically an acronym for "I'm sorry, mate, I did not see you", a joke bikers usually make about vehicle owners who take out in front of them. The expression has developed so well-known that there are actually hundreds of YouTube videos showing an ironic twist on it. The reality yet is no joking issue. In the UNITED KINGDOM motorcycles constitute just 1% of all street traffic, still are associated with more than 20% of all incidents. One of the first considerations to minimize motorcycling accidents is to develop the visibility of the bicycles themselves. 


 The fact is that motorbikes are smaller and more difficult to see than almost all other kinds of transport. This compounds the threat for bikers as other street users find it more challenging to see and determine the speed of bicycles. This trouble can be improved by the rider putting on bright colored safety jacket, but more so by improving the ability of the motorcycle's tail lights, headlights and indicators. Since motorbikes are considered to be toys by many, usually the normal headlight bulbs, are a compromise by the auto makers between safety and cost. One of the simplest, most affordable and most powerful way to upgrade your motorcycle is to change your standard headlight bulbs with aftermarket products. 

 Motorbike headlight bulbs are speedy and effortless to change, on many bikes the job requires less than five minutes to carry out. The bulbs on their own are fairly cheap too, charging at any place from £10 up to £30 per pair, or beginning at £60 upwards for a HID Xenon set. If you are interested, take a look at Headlight tint
 Aftermarket bulbs provide a number of benefits over the normal OEM bulbs installed to most bikes. First of all, almost all aftermarket bulbs give off more light than their common equivalent. A bulb such as the Philips X-treme vision claims to output as much as 100% more light than standard bulbs. In addition, the color temperature of improved bulbs, if often much nearer to 6,500k, providing a whiter more functional light then the yellow tint generally related to OEM bulbs. Secondly, in spite of costing a little bit more than standard bulbs, aftermarket products, are often made to endure a lot of the torturous vibrations given off by current motorcycle engines. Having the ability to withstand just vibration can help prolong bulb life by 500-1000 hours, which means the bulbs pay for by themselves over time. 

 So to improve the visibility of your bike and to make night time riding a little less hairy, you'd better upgrade your headlight bulbs. It will just make your life beautiful. 

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 Now you've decided to upgrade your light bulbs, how do you select the correct ones for your motorcycle? For more info, visit this website

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