Herbalife International Review I do evaluations of many MLM firms and today I am offering you an Herbalife review. Herbalife International is now a world-wide company marketing skin care, nutrition and weight-loss plans. They are a publicly-traded corporation and their stock has been doing as well as the world-renowned Walmart stock. It is hard to believe that somebody would consider this is a company that would be linked with the term "scam" taking into consideration they have more than 4000 employees and have been around since 1980. Herbalife International is far from a scam. In fact, this company's gross sales in 2010 were greater than 2 BILLION dollars! This is no fly-by-night corporation.

If you want to know more about this, go to herbalife.  Herbalife International-¦In The Beginning In February 1980 Mark Hughes founded Herbalife after watching his mother battle time and time again with crash diets. He made it his passion to make losing weight a healthful option. Since that time, numerous products such as skin care and nutritional programs were added to their merchandise line as he noticed that health challenges were more extensive. This was a good business move on his part because the sales grew two-fold. Mark and his wife at the time Suzsan built a charity called Herbalife Family Foundation. Both Herbalife as well as the charity donated over $5 million dollars to international child plights. Herbalife Distribution Model Success! Every day the number of distributors increases as more and more independent distributors join this MLM empire, but at last count there were at least 2.1 million distributors. A lot of distributors merely sell their products to make their income that way. However, if you recognize the Network marketing compensation then you would understand that you've got far more opportunities. Expanding your business by introducing the corporation to other folks and allowing them to join under your direction would make you residual income that could possibly last for years. Herbalife On The Internet Old-school marketing and advertising is still being used to promote and offer Herbalife and build downlines. However, it is a little short-sighted. Introducing-¦The new-age marketing and advertising called-¦drum roll please-¦The Internet! I can hear the horn sound. Many people today use the internet to exclusively promote products, but here again I think they're missing the boat completely. The money is in the down-line. Obviously you DO need to believe in your products for sure, but that could be your testimonial for establishing your down-line. So, nowadays, you'll discover smart network marketers working the world wide web promotion to its fullest. My hat is off to them because it's particularly time consuming, but the hard work definitely pays off eventually. No, in case you might be wondering...I don't sell Herbalife. Is Herbalife A Solid Company? That is certainly a great question when you are researching a home business venture. Herbalife most definitely IS a sound company. That doesn't suggest that I have some insight personally. I base my statement on the evidence of sound financial management by the organization. Their assets, income and equity are expanding which is an indicator of a healthy corporation. Many people wonder with an organization that's over 30 years old if the world would be saturated with distributors. The fact is that you genuinely have an excellent opportunity to work your business with some outstanding coaching that's offered to you without running into a great number of other distributors in your area. Regrettably, many people don't do anything with their business. They sign up and imagine customers will come knocking on their door. Ridiculous! Herablife is stable and a superb opportunity with excellent products. I hope that you enjoyed this review.  For more info, visit this webpage

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