Mixtape T...Mixtape T...Unfortunately, Juvenile Hell failed to do as well in the market as the pair was hoping. There were a couple of music tracks that got a bit of interest, such as "Me And My Crew," nevertheless nothing in actuality stood out from the rest of the music industry. The twosome got a little bit of notoriety when Havoc appeared on a Black Moon album, however things otherwise appeared to be at a standstill. If you want to know more about this, check out Hiphop.

 Mixtape T...PRODUCE A HIGH QUALITY MIXTAPE...This may seem like a no-brainer to the majority of people however you'd be astonished at the amount of mixtapes lacking quality music production and audio engineering. If you are sharing a track or mixtape with somebody, it needs to immediately seize their attention. You've got just about ten seconds from the time somebody presses play to make your first impression. Whenever an individual plays your music, it ought to immediately inspire an emotion. If your mixtape could talk it ought to say "listen up! I have something vital to reveal!" No matter what the genre, if your tracks does not get individuals's attention you may potentially miss out on fans. Mixtape T 


 Mixtape T...In 1997, Lil Wayne became a member of the rap group Hot Boys with artists Juvenile, B.G. and Turk. At the age of fifteen, he was once yet again the younger performer in his loop. They released their very 1st major label record, Guerilla Warfare, in 1999 and it reached number 1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts in Billboard Magazine. Mixtape T 

 Mixtape T...You may be a part of a community that utilizes torrents. A torrent is totally different from downloading something from a file server in that you're in fact sharing files between users. As an example, someone may host the file on their laptop and different users are able to download it directly from them. For more info, visit this URL

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