The Japanese samurai era of weaponry has created a fantastic following as people find incredible beauty in the design of many of these weapons. While the modern age weaponry has significantly changed the idea of an effective weapon, a large number of individuals are still drawn to the high quality and even simplicity that exists with the samurai weapon. When trying to take a good advantage of this weapon opportunity for yourself, it would be ideal to pursue the investment possibilities into katana swords, Naginata Spears, Japanese Sai daggers, and the Yari spear. 
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 The most popular weapon which is found is the katana sword, even though most of the people look into the traditional samurai weapons. The unique design of this weapon appeals to a huge number of individuals who are advocates of samurai weaponry or swords. The unique curved, slender, single edged blade is a staple in sword design that was primarily seen by the usage of samurai's. The circular or square guard along with the long grip helped to accommodate two hands that were unique to this swords design. 

 The use of the Naginata spear help to draw the attention of a wide variety of weapon collectors as this era combined the resources of the sword with the staff. Far superior to the limitations of a spear, utilization of the Naginata spear allowed a person to benefit from the sharp implementation of the sword while maintaining a safe distance with its spear inspired shape. This weapon was most often favored by warrior monks around 750 A.D. and is now used by martial artists due to the power and even grace created from this weapon as well as it is long sweeping movements. 

 When seeking to further enhance your samurai weapons collection in addition to the katana sword and the Naginata spear, look into the opportunities which are found with the Japanese Sai daggers. Following the katana, these daggers represent some of the most recognized pieces of samurai weaponry to date. The incredible designs of these unique daggers set them apart from traditional daggers and are still a martial arts favorite for a huge number of people who use these weapons in both show and competition.   For more info, visit this site.  

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