GM is currently planning to add another Opel vehicle on its range. This was probably due to the success obtained by the Buick Regal in the US market. The Regal has delighted many car finders that were interested in buying vehicle types similar to the Regal. Since its release, the Regal has been gaining a lot of customers and most of them are willing to take some of the auto financing deals offered by different GM dealerships. As a result, the company would probably bring another Opel in the US. As a matter of fact there are rumors that GM will be using hatch known as the Astra GTC to attract a lot of younger new car finders. If you are interested, take a look at Leasing elbil. The Opel Astra GTC will be launched in Europe at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. It is also expected that this hatchback would be offered on sale after a short period of time with a four-cylinder engines with maximum power output of about 100 horsepower and up to 250 horsepower for the model that is considered as the OPC high-performance version. The Opel Astra GTC is believed to be introduced in the US with a different Buick name but as of this point of time, car experts and observers still have no idea as to how it would be called. However, there are speculations that the US version of the Astra GTC will be using an engine similar to that of the Astra-based Verano hatchback. This will also use the Delta platform used by GM in most of the Astra and Chevy Cruze models. In addition to this, there were reports that the US version of the Opel Astra GTC will be offered with two engine options. The first option would be the version powered by a 2.4liter 4-cylinder engine that can propel the vehicle to a maximum power of up to 177 horsepower. The second version is equipped with a 2.0liter engine that is turbocharged with a maximum power output of about 220 horsepower. The two versions are also believed to be mated to a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. Given these, car buyers would be given greater options. All they need to do is select the version that best suit their needs and budget. For more info, visit this amazing site

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