Generating Free Highly Targeted Leads For Your Business It is a tough market out there in the -œnew economy.- Lead generation that produces useful sales generating results is getting more difficult and more complicated. Web marketing, Facebook marketing, and phone marketing are the newest and best money makers but they still require developing business lists and sales lead generation. Using the internet simply allows for a larger worldwide audience but you must still target the people and businesses that are really potential customers. Just putting up a Facebook page and Tweeting will get you next to no results and no sales. If you want to know more about this, check out Legal Shield .The point of sales lead generation is to produce a sale. That means you make money. Whether you use mail or the internet you need a reliable lead generation that provides accurate lead data targeted to people and business that are really interested in the product or services you are offering and that targets the geographic are that you are selling in or to. It would be nice to have the option of using internet marketing through Google, Yahoo, Ebay and other internet sales services at the same time. Adding in voice-broadcasting for phone marketing through the four billion internet phones would also make your business's sales lead generation easier, faster, and simpler. Leadnet pro does all this for you. Leadnetpro is a simple point and click menu driven application that generates business lists, phone number lists, and people lists from known and verifiable sources. You generate your next lead list in seconds and wither e-mail or phone your message to hundreds and thousands of businesses and interested customers worldwide. You can also generate a mailing label ready lead list that is printable onto labels through an MS Word label making program. The advantages of Leadnet pro are 99% lead accuracy and speed. You can have an accurate list of leads in minutes. A state of the art phone broadcasting and voice-broadcasting system is part of the Leadnetpro system. This generates a 99% accurate list of telephone numbers you can call or broadcast your business offering to. Leadnet pro is completely web based and does not require a desktop installation. Your business will benefit from directory, search engine, and ad extraction that is criteria based. Using these features lets you fine tune your lead generation targets with automatic list cataloging and pre filtered listing of business leads that are interested in your product or service. If you mail you get pre formatted lists with 99% accurate addresses that are printable. If you have graduated to net phone advertising, Leadnetpro has a built in phone broadcasting platform with immediate broadcast access at a low low broadcast phone rate. Leadnetpro has a live call transfer option as well. Leadnetpro is a leads generator that has everything in one package. Your business can grow its sales with the only lead generation package that guarantees accurate targeted business and phone lists that can be used with regular mail, coupled to all the major internet search engines, broadcast though phone messaging, or sent through a live call. Leadnetpro means more leads, more sale, and more money for you and your business. For more info, visit this amazing site

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