For those seeking adventure there is no better place than the Maldive Vistory, or rather what is left of it, to dive and explore. A famous shipwreck in the Maldives Islands, the Maldive Victory changed the seascapes of the ocean bed in 1981 when it was shipwrecked. Though the loss for the tourist industry and the shipping industry was enormous the disaster soon became a plus point for the Islands' tourism. 

 The wreck lies at the about 35 meters underwater close to the western side of Hulule Island, the airport-island. And the what was originally a cargo ship can now be seen seated upright on the sea bed, its mast intact, bow pointing out North and the anchor and its chain hanging from the bow.  If you are interested, take a look at Maldive Islands


 The dive for Victory is adventurous especially as the area has strong currents and is ideal for the professional diver. But apart from the adventure factor the dive also shows how quickly marine life has adjusted to the artificial reef and divers are afforded wonderful spectacles of turtles, soft corals, barracudas, and various other colourful schools that have made the wreck their home. 

 The location of the wreck can easily be identified by the marker buoy. The ocean currents in the area, especially between the islands of Hulule and Male, make the use of line to dive very important. The first point of approach is generally the 40 feet deep main mast and once the diver reaches the main structure the current is far less. Swim in to the wide open hold and explore the wheel house and be greeted by the various marine life that reside in this wreck.  

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