Here are some useful hints and tips to help you choose a perfume from the wide range that's available...How to Choose the Best Type of Perfume Although the variety of fragrances available might appear bewildering, there are only four main types of perfume. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can choose a perfume from the following categories:

Perfume (or Parfum): This contains the most fragrance and prices can be very high. A small amount goes a very long way.
Eau de Parfum: This type comes in second for strength and durability, making it a popular choice.
Eau de Toilette: This type is also very popular. EDT is third in line for strength, and is cheaper than the EDP, but is not as long lasting.
Eau de Cologne: This holds the smallest concentration of fragrance. An EDC is the cheapest option, but will fade quickly.
If you like perfume oils, these can be a good buy as you can carry them around. They are often presented as a balm-style formula in a small pot, making them perfectly portable, and you won't have to worry about leaks or breakages.General Points to Consider When You Buy Perfume When choosing a perfume there are some important points to consider:If you want to know more about this, check out Mayoreo

Fragrance notes: These are the aromas of the different ingredients contained in the perfume, and they are separated into 3 layers. The top notes are the first to be perceived, but do not last for long before the heart (or middle) notes come into play, followed by the base notes, which last the longest and give the perfume its full character. If you know you dislike a certain scent, check to see that the perfume you choose does not contain it.
Categories: Perfumes come in categories that include floral, citrus, oriental, chypre, leather, woody and aquatic. Women often tend to have a couple of categories that they like to use more often, so if you are buying a new fragrance it may be worth checking to see if it is in the category that you know you appreciate. Buying cheap testers or handbag-sized bottles can be a great way of trying something new without spending a fortune.
Occasions: Some perfumes are a lot heavier than others. Light and refreshing fragrances are good for daytime wear and the summer months, whereas warmer, more sensual scents are perfect for evenings and special occasions. Personal preferences vary, and what you feel like wearing one day may not suit your mood the next day, so it's nice to have a choice available.
Cheap PerfumeThere is an enormous selection of perfumes available to buy online, and you can often buy cheap perfume including top brands much more cheaply from online retailers than you can from high street stores.Choosing Perfume Accessories Perfumes are often presented as part of a gift set, especially at Christmas time. This is an excellent way to get matching body care products with the gorgeous aroma that you love from your perfume.For more info, visit this website

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