For evidence that public safety campaigns can work the way they’re supposed to, we need look no further than Click It or Ticket and other campaigns implemented across the United States in a bid to get motorists to use a seatbelt every time they get into a vehicle.  The National Occupant Protection Use Survey has discovered that 86% of people throughout the nation buckle up when aboard an automobile, the highest rate ever recorded since the survey was first initiated. If you want to know more about this, check out Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer.

At this point, only 32 states make not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense that would allow an officer to pull the individual over without some other breach of the law taking place.  Perhaps not surprisingly, those are the same states where seatbelt usage tends to occur at the highest rates.  This is great news for safety.  It’s been only 28 years since the first ever mandatory seat belt law came into being, and here we see that the efforts of lawmakers and enforcement officers have had a direct impact on drivers.For more info, visit this webpage

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