You can't separate your product from your brand. That's why with some companies product follows brand. Look at Apple products, for example, nobody in his right mind can claim that they are the most efficient gadgets because they are others much better for half the price, but they are still charging exorbitant rates and people are buying them. That is effective branding. But social media is changing the ballgame which makes Online Reputation Management that much crucial. If you want to know more about this, check out Online Reputation Managment.

 Cyber bullying 


 You might have heard about kids being targets of cyberbullying on account of their economic status, skin color and their accent, but do you know that companies can become targets of cyberbullying, too? If they can't compete in a level playing field, some companies are resorting to underhanded tactics in order to bring down the competition. So they employ hired guns to launch a cyber attack on a company by going to social networking sites-”Facebook still is very popular-”and complain against your services or products over some alleged grievance. The problem is you can't really be visiting all pages and community forums and can't possibly defend yourself. Search engine reputation management specialists will scour the Web for any negative criticisms about your company and either address those complaints or make sure they don't crop up in searches. 

 Technical engagement 
 There are two major ways to address articles and posts that are damaging to your company. One is quite technical but the bottom line is they tweak the system to make sure the article in question with the negative report about your company won't turn up in searches when somebody types your name. If you don't like the hassle, the opt for Search Engine Reputation Management and you can go about focusing on your day to day operations instead of being worried about every single complaint about your company and its services. 

 Personal engagement 

 The other method is to address the grievance personally. The best offense is not being defensive, but rather reaching out to the aggrieved customer and play at his own ballgame. If the damaging comment is posted in one blog or forum, address the complaint right there. With the help of an online reputation management specialist, you can turn things around in your favor. This will also help weed out those people who are paid to destroy your brand. If the complaint is valid, you can apologize and promise to rectify and the other people in the forum will admire you more for it. For more info, visit this site

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