People love to own pets in their homes, especially cats and dogs. Pets can be people's best friend, keeping company with people and playing with children. However, pets can be your carpet's worst enemy. Hairy animals like cats and dogs can't help but shed fur, most of them on the carpet surface. These hairs can trigger allergies and chronic diseases like asthma. 

 The worst thing that pets could do to your carpets is to urinate on it. Pet urines are waste liquid products, bearing a distinctive, undesirable odor. Pet urines can dry up easily, but its odor remains and get worse as it sets in longer. There are many over-the-counter urine stain removal products in Clearwater, but sometimes these products are not used appropriately, making the pet urine stain worse. If you are interested, take a look at Pet Urine Removal


 Urine stains takes less time and effort to clean up while they are still fresh. Clearwater professional carpet cleaners recommend home owners to clean up the pet urine stain as soon at it occurs. Use a cloth to absorb as many liquid as possible, then flush water onto the affected area to further extract the liquid. To end up the cleaning process, apply a commercial pet urine stain remover to get rid what's left. 

 Unfortunately, there are really times when pets pee on the carpets unnoticed, especially during the night. This leaves off the pet urine to settle on the carpet overnight, making this type of stain harder to get rid of. The best method to clean old pet urine stains is by using steam cleaning methods. In Clearwater carpet cleaning, vacuum steams are also used to clean other kinds of deep stains. 

 Before using vacuum steams in Clearwater carpet cleaning, it is important to treat the affected area the way you treat a fresh urine stain. The only difference is the longer time required for the stain removal chemical to set in. After rinsing the affected area, the steam vacuum is used to totally eliminate the stain and odor, and to disinfect the carpet. 

 The urine chemicals that can be bought over-the-counter have to be examined thoroughly. Although there are pet stain removal products for Clearwater carpet cleaning, these are not always effective. In fact, most of dog urine stain removers are not effective for cleaning cat urine stains, and vice versa.  For more info, visit this site

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