Point of Sale system is the obvious step up from a manual cash register. The most basic POS system is used by a sales person to key in orders and to generate receipts for the purchases done by the customer. It is a faster and a much more accurate method than the manual calculation and check out. Vectron is a POS company with offices across Australia. They are in this business from the last 20 years. With over 1800 installations nationwide, it is easily one of the leading providers of hospitality Point of Sale systems. If you are interested, take a look at Point of sale systems Rochester NY. Vectron POS Systems are easy to use and have good features which are very much required for the sales at the final counter. They cater to the following places for installation of POS Systems:- Restaurants Pubs Bars Fast Food Joints Cafés Retail Outlets Takeaways Hotels Clubs The POS system can be integrated with Beverage Management, Digital Menu Boards, CCTV, Time and Attendance and Paging. So, one can have one complete solution for their venue. Features: Menu screens have graphics and table layouts Loyalty program for customers Complete Stock Control Handhelds which have same screen as the POS Easy to use Touchscreens Integration with Gaming Systems Link to CCTV and Paging Live Reporting - giving the current stock status and billing status All the above and a centralized database are available which gives information on the data consolidated from all the venues. POS System consists of POS Hardware and POS Software. Large Touch Screen monitors, POS Handhelds which have similar screen as the large monitor are part of the POS Hardware. They are provided based on the customer requirements. Once a user is accustomed to the large screen monitor, the user can conveniently use the handhelds also. As the handhelds and the large screens have the same user interface. POS Software has all the necessary software to incorporate every function required for the smooth running and good management of the customer outlet. The touch screen interface is easy to read and has tabs to navigate. There is also a calculator for the amount calculation, clear button, and option for canceling the transaction. There is a print button to print the receipt for the customer. Apart from this, there is also a time clock and Staff login option. So, the staffs check in and check out can be monitored through this POS SystemFor more info, visit this site

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