For a period of time I have watched tongue in cheek as music fans in Kenya and to some extension in the East African region talk about the superiority of Prezzo's music. His popularity comes from a Hip Hop career that has taken about eight years. He was born in the eighties and matured in the alleys of Eastleigh. He was nurtured to a large extent by his mom who he pays attention to closely up to now and even uses her advice in his music production. If you are interested, take a look at Prezzo

 His first record -œNaleta Action- was produced in 2004 and carried monstrous hits such as: 'Naleta Action', 'Let's Get Down' 'Mahangaiko', 'Leo ni Leo', 'Mimi na Wewe', 'Mafans' among others. This album also featured his mummy who belt out a few verses in one of the tunes. The repeating message in this album were flamboyant style of living, brazen habits and almost always talking about money. 

 In the year 2005 he released a love ballad, -Tazama Mbele- with his then sweetheart Sheila Mwanyigha a.k.a Nikki. This melody launched him to new heights in East Africa as the track went to the apex of the East African TV chart for a record 8 weeks. Circa 2006 he dropped another song, P.R.E.Z.Z.O whose clip was claimed to cost in the tune of half a million Kenya Shillings! The clip was a real piece of work which gained him more following though reviewers christened it as too exorbitant at that period. 

 His romantic escapades have been amusing with cheating, holy matrimony and divorce many times. After his hook up with Nikki ceased he got betrothed to Daisy Kiplagat, a female child of a senior government employee. Ultimately they became husband and wife and were favoured with a female child, Zahura. Nonetheless they divorced following that he was entangled in unfaithfulness circulated about.   For more info, visit this amazing site.  

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